Happy Birthday, Michael!

Yesterday, Michael and I drove down to San Antonio for a 10-day vacation.  We’re so excited to spend time with family and friends and just have time off.

And what makes it even better is that Michael gets to be back “home” for his 23rd birthday!

Since we got in so late last night, we were able to just sleep in and relax this morning.  We decided to see Toy Story 3 again since Michael’s parents haven’t seen it.  Once again, we LOVED it!  It’s so crazy that it’s a “third” and it’s every bit as good (if not better) than the first two.  I teared up even more this time than I did last time.  SO good.

Then we went to the mall for Michael to pick out his new shoes (my present) and get his new watch re-fitted (his parents’ present).

We ran home to change clothes and headed downtown for his birthday dinner.  I’d found Azuca Nuevo Latino Restaurant on a San Antonio tourist website, and we were excited to try it.  As soon as we walked inside, we knew it was going to be good, because it smelled amazing!  They had food from all over Central and South America.  It was also decorated SO neat!  They had blown glass decorations all over the restaurant, and there were funky portraits on one of the walls.

Our waitress was wonderful, and she suggested Tostones with Mojo (plantains with amazing garlic mojo) as an appetizer.  INCREDIBLE!

They also brought out cornbread, and it was great as well.

Everything looked SO good–it was hard to decide what to order.  In the end, Michael chose Beef Steak Churrasco, and said it was the best food he’s eaten in months.

Michael’s dad had Chicken Breast Azteca (with Chipotle sauce) and said it was incredible as well.

His mom had Brazilian Feijoada (pork) and it was some of the best meat any of us have tasted.

And I had the Rasta Jerk Chicken (with rice).  It was WONDERFUL.  I don’t even really know how to describe all of the flavors.  All of our meals were fantastic.

We couldn’t quit talking about how amazing the food was.  To say we were satisfied with the meal would have been an understatement.  It was SO good!

We decided to get dessert, and Michael and I went with our waitress’ suggestion.  We ordered the Tropical Fruit Gratin.  Oh. My. Word.  Fresh fruit on top of vanilla cream sauce…then they put sugar on top of the fruit and fire glazed all of it.  YUM.

Michael’s parents ordered Berry Chocolate Crepes and it was outstanding as well!

We LOVED Azuca!!  I highly recommend it to anyone in the San Antonio area.  We had a really great time with his parents, and it was a great way to celebrate!

I’m so thankful for my husband, and I’m glad we were able to spend his 23rd birthday together!

Happy birthday, Honey!




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