Vacation Recap Days 8, 9, & 10: Lazy Days and Home

I think it’s about time I wrap this vacation up–don’t you?  At least I’m finishing it quicker than I did our Disney Trip last September…I was writing a Trip Report on another site, and I just finished it last month! Now, onto days 8, 9, and 10!


On Thursday (Day 8), we had planned to go to Schlitterbahn Water Park.  I was all ready with the bags packed and my swimsuit on when Michael told me it was supposed to storm all day.  We’d already bought our tickets online, and we were all four REALLY looking forward to this day!  Michael and I absolutely love water parks, and I’d never been to Schlitterbahn.  We’d been looking at pictures and descriptions of the rides for weeks, and Michael had told me all about the different rides.  Needless to say, we were pretty bummed.

But that wasn’t going to stop us from having a great, relaxing vacation day!

We ate a big breakfast and then rented “The Book of Eli” on pay-per-view.  I’d heard really great things about it.  We all liked it, but it wasn’t what we were expecting.  I’m not really sure what I was expecting, but it wasn’t that.  I did like the fact that Eli was guarding the Bible, and that it was the most important book–the one people would kill for–at the end of the age.  (Not that I’m saying you should kill someone for a Bible….you know what I mean…)  I really liked the ending, and over-all it was a good movie, but it’s not one we’d care to see again.

Sometime that afternoon, we decided to teach Michael’s parents how to play Apples to Apples!  It’s one of my favorite group games.

I don’t remember who won, but we had a great time!

Michael’s mom and I made dinner a little later on.  I was teaching her how to make one of our favorite meals:  a Brazilian inspired chicken recipe that I made up  (it has lots of the same ingredients as Brazilian chicken that my grandma and mom make, but it’s made in a skillet instead of in the oven), rice, sauteed zucchini, and my apple pie roll-up for dessert.  It all turned out really well!  I was thankful for that because even though I’ve made it soooo many times for Michael and me, I still get nervous that it’s not going to turn out right when I make it for other people.

After dinner, we watched “Imagine That”.  This is one that Michael and I took a gamble on a few months ago.  You see, we’re addicted to the 5 for $20 deals at Blockbuster.  Since we don’t have cable, we decided to get Blockbuster Rewards and we go in at least once a month to get our free old release (and now we go a lot more because we found out it’s rent one, get one free on weeknights).  They usually have a 5 for $20 deal, and it’s REALLY hard for us to walk through the store without at least looking at what they have.  If there are at least 2 movies we want, we usually try to find 3 more that look good (and that we know are clean).  One time, we ended up getting “Imagine That” to complete our bundle, and we ended up loving it!  It’s such a cute movie, and it has a really good message.  Eddie Murphy is hilarious and the little girl is really cute.  Anyway, we watched it with Michael’s parents and they loved it too!

Even though we didn’t get to go to Schlitterbahn, it turned out to be really nice to just stay home and relax.


On Friday (Day 9), it was still showing storms off and on for the whole day.  So we decided to stick with our original plans and hang around the house for the morning and then go downtown to the Riverwalk and Alamo that afternoon and evening.

When we got downtown, we went to the Rivercenter Mall to see “Despicable Me”.  I was expecting it to be cute, but it turned out to be HILARIOUS!  We were all laughing SO hard, and it definitely exceeded our expectations.

After the movie, we were ready to eat!  As we walked back to the car, we kept on seeing TONS of teenagers dressed really crazy.  Some were wearing full-blown costumes and others had created their own look with animal tails, boots, hats, and chains.  We wanted to ask someone what they were all there for, but we chickened out.  Later, Michael found out that it was an Anime Conference.  I guess they were dressed like different Anime characters??

Anyway, we finally found the restaurant at the very end of the Riverwalk.  I’d found out about it online, and I was really looking forward to trying the food!  It’s called the Cool Cafe, and they serve all kinds of Mediterranean food.

They have indoor and outdoor (covered) seating, and we opted for an outdoor table overlooking the Riverwalk.  It was gorgeous!

The guys:

And the gals:

We ordered hummus for an appetizer.  I absolutely love hummus!  I’d always been hesitant to try it, but I had some sun dried tomato hummus at Disney World (at Boma) and it was amazing.  I was really excited to have it again!

It was really good!  The pita bread was homemade, and it was fantastic as well.

Michael ordered a gyro with potatoes and he said it was REALLY good.

His dad ordered some kind of sandwich and loved it as well.

And his mom and I both ordered a chicken kabob with rice.  I didn’t like the dressing on the salad, but the rest of it was fantastic!

We were all really happy with our meals, and it was wonderful to be able to watch the boats come by on the Riverwalk.  We were two for two on good restaurants!

Here is the view of the Riverwalk from outside the restaurant:

We drove back to the area near the Alamo and decided to walk along the Riverwalk for a little bit.  I was in search of a Caricature artist, and when I was in high school there was one under an archway on the Riverwalk.

I just love all of the landscaping down by the Riverwalk!  It’s just wonderful!

This tree was growing so funny.

After we’d walked for quite a while (and still hadn’t found a caricature artist), we decided to go up and walk around.  We saw all of the Ripley’s museums and attractions, and Michael took a picture with a statue of the man with the record for biggest hands.

And this guy was outside the haunted house.

We made our way to the Alamo, and even though it was supposed to be closed, it was still open!

We went through the little museum display and then walked around the courtyards (or whatever the inside of the mission is called).  It was really pretty in there too!

Yes, I married a goof.

These plants looked like they had colored brains coming out of them.

When we left the Alamo, Michael’s dad said there was one more place that might have caricature artists…and he was right!!  We waited for a mom and her son to finish up theirs, and then it was our turn.  I REALLY wish that I would have gotten a picture of him drawing us, but I completely forgot.  It turns out that he was the same man that drew my brother, sister, and me when I was in high school!  I knew that his style looked a lot like our old ones, and I ended up telling him about it, and he said he’d been under one of the walkways by the Riverwalk during that time!  He did an excellent job, and we’re both SO glad that we were able to find him!

I was SOOO happy, walking back to the car!  This was the one thing that I really wanted as a souvenir of our trip, and we’d finally found someone to do our caricature!

Our last stop on the way home was a Cold Stone Creamery.  I think that I got Sweet Cream with Pecans.  Whatever it was tasted wonderful!  Michael loved his too.

We were cracking up because his mom ordered the biggest size they had.  She didn’t realize how big it would be!

It had been a GREAT last full day of our vacation!


Saturday (Day 10) was our last day–the day we were driving home.  We got up and got everything packed so that we could be in Austin by lunch time.  I’d gone to Austin for a work convention last summer, and we’d eaten at a restaurant called Carmelo’s.  It was fantastic!  I’d been telling Michael every since then that I wanted to take him there.  I had originally wanted to meet up with a friend in Austin and eat there, but I’d failed to make final plans, so it was just going to be Michael’s parents and us.

When we got to Carmelo’s, it looked like there was no one there.

We got out to check, and they’re only open at night on Saturdays!  I was so bummed!  I’d been looking forward to eating there again for over a year.  I guess we’ll have to make sure they’re going to be open the next time we try to eat there…

We got back in the car and searched for an Italian restaurant nearby, and ended up finding the Brick Oven.  It turned out to be really good!  It was more of a casual, pizzeria and pasta style restaurant, but all of our food was yummy.

After lunch, it was time to say goodbye and get on the road.  It had been a WONDERFUL week, and we had loved every minute with Michael’s family.  We’re both really glad that we decided to go to San Antonio and spend time with his parents for our vacation this year!





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3 responses to “Vacation Recap Days 8, 9, & 10: Lazy Days and Home

  • Denise C.

    You guys really had an awesome vacation; I’m sad to see it end! Can you share your apple pie roll-up recipe? I’m wondering if it’s similar to a recipe my son made in his cooking class two years ago. It was so good!

    • mselizondo

      It was great! I’d love to share it! I’ll take pictures and post about it sometime. I have an extra pie crust in the fridge, so maybe I’ll make it next week. We love it.

  • Denise C.

    That would be great; thanks! The one Lee made (and I made it once after that) used flour tortillas and apple pie filling. You rolled them up and put them in a baking pan. Then you mixed melted butter, sugar, water, and cinnamon to make a sauce. You poured it over top and baked it. Delicious, but messy to make! I’d love to see yours.

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