Little Miss Bossy Pants

A few weeks ago, my dad texted me to tell me that they had been watching some home videos, and they found the one where I had made my first meal by myself.  Somehow it was brought up again last night, and he wanted us to find it.  This was easier said than done, I might add.  We watched a lot of different clips from 97 and 98 until we finally found my first meal (I was almost 11).

I was SUCH a little miss bossy pants.

My dad asked “Who made this meal?” and I answered in a prissy little voice “I did.”  “And who planned it all by them-self?”  “I did.”  He asked what I’d made and I said “Two time cooked potatoes.” (My mom helped me out a little and told me they were twice baked potatoes.  Hehe.)  I’d put the potatoes on everyone’s plates, and then put all of the different potato toppings in little bowls on the table.

While my mom was filming, my dad took a picture of me with the table full of food.  As I moved around the table to do something else, I said, “You might want to take another one, Dad.” in a bossy, matter-of-fact voice.

Then I told my mom “I made dessert too but I’m not telling you what it is.  It’s a surprise.  You can put the camera up now, and then you can film again when I get out the desserts.”

Well, well, well.  It looks like I had it all under control.  We were all laughing and Michael was just shaking his head.  You see, I’ve always had a tendency to be bossy.


In fact, my mom tells a story about me when I was barely 2 years old.  My cousin, Michael Elizabeth, was my best friend.  We were together from the time I was 1 week old.  I used to boss Michael around everywhere, and apparently I got in trouble for it a lot.  I was riding in the car one day and here’s the dialogue between my mom and me:

Staci:  “Staci bossy Kikle.”

Mom:  “Yes, Staci is bossy to Michael.”

S:  “Not nice be bossy Kikle.”

M:  “No, it’s not nice to be bossy to Michael.”

Long pause…She said she could tell I was thinking hard.  And then:

S:  “Mommy bossy Staci.”

Great.  I was a bossy pants AND I was a smart little toot.  I don’t know how I’ll be able to keep a straight face if one of our kids says something like that one day.


ANYWAY…my mom put the video camera up, and then she turned it back on when I was ready to present the desserts.  I’d made a gelatin parfait with conversation hearts inside and cool whip on top (it was close to Valentines Day).  After I described it to my mom, it was time to hand them out.

I made some other little bossy comment, and the video was over.  It was really funny to watch me at that age and see just how bossy I was.  I wasn’t mean or anything, I just knew how I wanted things to be, and I wanted to make sure everyone else was going along with my plan.  I guess it was part of my “first born” tendencies.





Q for you:  When was the last time you watched a video of you when you were younger?  Have you changed a lot, or are you pretty much just a bigger version of younger you?



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7 responses to “Little Miss Bossy Pants

  • Amanda

    I have seen videos from when I was younger and can’t really relate to any of them haha. When I was really little I always hid behind my mom’s leg. As I grew up into a teenager I became sarcastic and mouthy.

    Today I am neither shy nor obnoxious. I like to think I have taken the best from both personalities. 🙂 But I have to tell ya, I would much rather sit through the videos of me clinging to my moms legs than those of me as a teen. I fear the day I have teenagers. Hopefully they take after Brian and not me.

  • Lisa Souza

    Yes, you were bossy, but you were always sweet about it!

  • Rachel(Ninja)

    How cute! Hehe, you should find a way to convert it and post it online so we all can see 😉

    There isn’t that much footage of when I was a kid. Haha, guess my dad got tired of lugging the huge camera out to video things I was doing since he spent hours doing that for my older brother! There’s footage of me as a baby on my stomach on the living room table. I just kept cracking up every time my dad made a sound.

    There’s also a video of when I was about 7 years old and riding a bike by my grandparents’ house in the Poconos. I moved out of the way for a car to pass, but then when I tried to turn around, I started going downhill into the weeds on the side of the road! My dad continued to film as I tried to get out and just kept sinking more and more. I just kept laughing at the situation (and inwardly wondering why my dad wasn’t helping me out, haha).

    Hopefully, that is something I’ll have for the rest of my life – the ability to laugh! I enjoy acting weird for the sake of others and even to make myself laugh! It’s perfect that Howard and I can crack up about anything and everything. If we couldn’t, we’d probably be taking life too seriously and worrying about things like how we don’t make too much money!

    • mselizondo

      I should! I’ll see if there’s a way I can do that from my parents’ VHS…

      Babies cracking up are hilarious! There’s one of my sister on that same tape and she’s just dying laughing at me making these funny noises and trying to get her belly.

      Haha! That’s funny that your dad just kept on filming you! And that you just laughed. I would have made a huge dramatic scene about being injured… It is perfect that both of you laugh about everything!

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