Couple Friends

Since before we got married, Michael and I had been in desperate need of some couple friends in our town.  (This seems to be the norm with my married friends all over, by the way.)  We have great friendships all over the US, but we really needed another couple to just “do life” with.

In January, God gave us amazing couple friends: Danna and Jonathan!

Danna and I had grown up together, but we’d never really been friends.  I was really close with her older brother, but she was 2 years younger than me, and that seemed like a huge age gap back then.  It’s funny how little age matters once you get older.

I can’t really remember why we started hanging out, but in January or February we started getting together almost every week.  They had gotten engaged last fall, and we started going through “His Needs, Her Needs” together (we’ve never finished it though…) before they got married in May.  After weeks and months of getting together to eat dinner, visit, talk about the book, and watch movies, we’d become SUCH good friends.

It’s funny how well we all get along.  Usually we all hang out together, but sometimes we’ll have guy/girl times.  We absolutely love the fact that we can talk about anything with them, and almost every time we get together, we lose track of time.

We usually cook dinner…

…while the guys sit around and be lazy (this picture is slightly exaggerated, but you get the point)…

…and talk for a long time.  Then we usually either put in a movie or play a game.  Two weeks ago we played Ticket to Ride with them, and now they’re hooked!

Last night, they came over after church, and they guys played some old west video game.  I had to lay on the heating pad for my back, so Danna came and sat on the bed so we could talk.  I just love how easily we get along.

They’ve been a HUGE blessing to us, and I’m so thankful for our friendship.






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2 responses to “Couple Friends

  • Rachel(Ninja)

    Love this! I wish we lived closer together; Howard and I could be another set of couple friends! I really hope that my cousin marries her current boyfriend. I think the 4 of us would end up doing a lot of things together.

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