Family Time!

Michael and I are going down to TX tomorrow morning for my dad’s side’s FAMILY REUNION!  I can’t wait.

He’s one of 10 kids, and there are 50-something of us including my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, their spouses (only 3 of us are married), and 1 great-grandkid.  And there are PLENTY of kiddos.  There are 6 of us cousins over the age of 20, then a few more who are teens (I’m thinking 7 but I might be wrong), and the rest are between a few months old and pre-teens.  There are 30 first cousins.  All of those people (or at least as many as can make it) under one roof for the day makes for some LOUD FUN.

Oh — and they’re Brazilian.  Which makes it even LOUDER and FUNNER (sorry, Mom.  It just went with the sentence better…).


Here are some pics from our get-together last year.

My little fam:

And the whole fam (minus a few):

A multi-generational game of soccer (it’s equivelant to playing touch football at American family gatherings):

My cousin’s wife and the only great-grandbaby (so far) — oh, and it’s worth mentioning that she’s the only one in the (biological) family without brown hair…so apparently the VERY dominant S. family genes aren’t as strong in 3rd generations.

Which isn’t the case with all of us 2nd generation-ers.  We could all be siblings.  See?  All 3 from different parents.

Brotherly love:

And silliness:

The older “girls”  —  my cousin is on my right, and then 2 cousin-in-laws and my cousin’s baby on my left:

I can’t wait to be back with my big, loud, talkative, loving family.






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