My Childhood per YouTube: Part 1

Last night I asked Michael to look up one of the videos that my family always jokes about on YouTube.  He found it, and it’s even more ridiculous than I remembered.

This led to me looking up other videos and TV shows…which led to me staying awake half of the night with the ridiculous songs in my head.

Anyway, I thought I’d share a little bit about my childhood through YouTube videos.  You can thank me later.  😉




This is the video that started all of it last night.  I can’t believe this was actually made into a movie — and that it was supposed to be a great tool for parenting.

One of the teachers at my dad’s school let us borrow this video when my sister was 2 or 3.  Although my parents did not use it to potty train my sister, my brother and I memorized all of the songs and would show the video to all of our friends.  We were 9 (or 10) and 12 (or 13) at the time.  I have no clue what the actual video is called (and this is just a few of the highlights), but we’ve been singing “She is a Super-Duper Pooper” for over 10 years now.

Is that weird, or what?!  Do you know of anyone who has actually used (and been successful with) videos like this?



Get ready for some 80’s at its best.  My dad was a P.E. teacher when we were little (up until the time I was in the 4th grade), and somehow he ended up with this “Bicycle Safety Camp” video.  Even though we always joked about it, I’m pretty sure my brother and I thought it was cool (at least deep down) when we were around 4-6 and 6-9.  And I must say, we knew our Bike Safety!  (It wasn’t until later that I refused to ride a bike because I didn’t want to wear a dorky helmet — I’m over that stage, by the way.)

This is the first of a 3-part video.  The middle one is just ok, but you will definitely want to watch the third one.  Sam Sprocket dances across an entire field at the very end.  Priceless.

Good stuff, huh?  If only we could all be as cool as Sam Sprocket — or Rebop.



Then I wanted to look for a couple of my favorite TV shows growing up.

“Under the Umbrella Tree” is the first TV show that I have any memories of.  And it’d be a lie if I said that I didn’t tear up a little when I saw this last night.  This intro really took me back.

Does anybody else remember this?  What was your first TV show memory?



I can’t remember perfectly, but I think that I was only able to watch “Fraggle Rock” at my Meme and Pawpaw’s house (since they had cable and we didn’t until I was in the 2nd grade).

Did anyone watch this?  I liked it more than “The Muppets”.



“Adventures in Wonderland” was one of my favorites when I was a little older.  I remember thinking about how cool it would have been to be Alice!

What was your favorite “Alice”  show/movie?



And lastly, “Weinerville” was a favorite for my brother and me (and our dad, but I don’t know if he’d admit it) when I was in 2nd grade and he was in Pre-K.  I can remember getting ready early so that we could watch it before school.  I’ve looked for clips of “Boney the Dinosaur” but I can’t find any.

Hm…I wonder why this show isn’t on the air anymore…  Were you ever “lucky” enough to catch one of these episodes?




So there you have it:  Part 1 of “My Childhood per YouTube”.  I have a feeling there will be more to come…it was a lot of fun to watch these again.

I’d love to hear about your childhood shows and/or any weird videos your family watched!






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13 responses to “My Childhood per YouTube: Part 1

  • Rachel(Ninja)

    I get the emails when you update, but as you know, it takes a while for me to finally get over here to catch up on your posts. However, I saw YouTube, and I thought you posted the videos from your childhood, so I clicked on over. And OH DEAR …

    First of all, why is that man with the flute sitting on the tub while the little girl is pooping?! Um, uncomfortable much! I can’t even imagine how they filmed these things with the little kids!!!

    In the bike one … what’s with the smart, dorky kid having glasses? Stereotype much? That kid is adorable though with the “Where’s the library?” Haha. And they took away the little girl’s charge cards? And Sam Sprocket’s short shorts!!! I think you should have a shirt made that says “Ride safe and love it!” And in that awesome pink too!

    OMG, I have such fears of people in costumes, particularly bunny costumes (cousin and I had a terrible experience with a bunny coming up behind us and then stalking us at a restaurant when we were younger, and she too is terrified because we were traumatized!), so watching the Adventures in Wonderland thing was frightening! I vaguely remember it though. It’s kind of strange. The part where the girl “fall” down with all the clocks and then sits on a chair just seemed very familiar.

    I DEFINITELY remember Weinerville, but I would NOT have remembered the name or anything about it had you not posted it!

    Wonder where these kids are now …

    • mselizondo

      Haha! I laughed when I read your “OH DEAR”. Oh dear is right!

      Flute guy is definitely creepy. But so is the clown that waits outside the bathroom door. I’d be scared to death to ever use the potty if I’d seen that as a little kiddo!

      I’m trying to think of a way to show that video with our youth or something. It’s just so ridiculous. Hahahaha — YES! That shirt would be hilarious.

      Your fears are so entertaining. It’s a good thing you have a sweet family because I could definitely see a brother chasing you around the house in a bunny mask.

      I know! We actually looked up the guy that plays Sam Sprocket on and he definitely didn’t list “Bike Safety Camp” on his list of works. I wonder why?!

  • Kimberly

    So funny! Thanks for bringing back the great memories! haha Ahh, the good ‘ol 80’s and 90’s. I remember many of the things you posted. I LOVED Alice in Wonderland and was always jealous at how clean her room was (what an OCD kid I was!) and how cool it would be just to go through my mirror whenever I wanted.

    I watched Pinwheels and Today’s Special when I was a kid and a lot of Hey Dude and Salute Your Shorts with that little popsicle stick guy on Nickelodeon (Stick Stickly?). They don’t make shows like they used to (although I’m sure kids today will be saying the same thing in 15-25 years!).

    • mselizondo

      You’re welcome! I loved finding those shows. I need to do a part 2 sometime. Yay — I’m glad you remember them! I wanted a magic mirror to another world too.

      No, they definitely don’t. They don’t make music like they used to either! Michael and I have a playlist with all of that really great late 90s, early 2000s music. We listen to it a ton! It makes me laugh to think about what our kids will say about our clothes and things.

  • Jenny105

    Brings back memories! I used to watch Fraggle Rock and Adventures In Wonderland. I also watched Weinerville all the time. I loved Nickelodeon. Clarissa Explains It All, Hey Dude, The Roundhouse, Salute Your Shorts, Wild & Crazy Kids, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Doug. All favorites of mine! Do you remember Stick Stickly?? lol
    Nickdeloden isn’t as good as it used to be!

    I also was a HUGE fan of Kids Incoporated and Mickey Mouse Club. I had a biggg crush on Tony Lucca 🙂

    • mselizondo

      YES! Those Nick shows were SOO great! And Disney had some really good shows too. Now they’re all so cheesy. I used to love Stick Stickly! Haha. I wish there was a way to buy episodes of some of those old shows. Nice! I barely remember Mickey Mouse Club, but my mom says I used to love it.

  • Ann

    I totally remember Fraggle rock! I loved that show…and the theme song. I also just about died laughing when I saw the comment before mine because I also used to watch Kids Inc. and the Mickey Mouse Club and also had a huge crush on Tony Lucca! Sigh. Isn’t it funny the things you can still recall from your childhood? You know what I miss? How the family shows back then really were more family friendly.

    • mselizondo

      Those theme songs just bring back TONS of memories! Yeah, it really is funny. Some things I can remember SO vividly, and then some things I don’t remember at all. I miss that too! I don’t know if there are any “family shows” that I could actually watch with kids now. We bought the first season of “Growing Pains” and “Full House” and we’ve been watching through them. I love those shows. And “Family Matters” and “Home Improvement” and tons of shows like that.

    • mselizondo

      Oh–and I just added your blog to my reader! : )

  • Missillusional

    OH how I remember all of these. ANd when I would babysit you guys they would always find there way in the VCR. NO matter how hard I tried to hide them. I also remember two others that got a lot of play. Barney…..UGH! And the real stories of Mother Goose. I think is what it was called. It was one Disney and somebody recorded it. Real people were the characters in the nursery rhymes. And then of course the younger sibling came along and she went banans over the Wiggles….UGH!

    • mselizondo

      Haha! Do you remember Marcos getting his drum and playing along with the marching song on Barney? I can barely remember the Mother Goose one…All I remember is that she was old and wore a bonnet. We still say “No more tickling, Greg. No more tickling.” UGH is right about the Wiggles!

  • Leanne

    Oh My WOOOORD!!!! I loved Adventures in Wonderland, i wish it still came on!!!

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