Man-Post! …(or at least a post put up by a man)

Hi there!

This is not Staci… this is her amazing, awesome, attractive, and seriously weird husband, Michael.  This is my first post… so, I apologize for poor typing, gramatical errors, and being a little over the top.  Anyhow… I was reading an article today, and shared about it with Staci.  She told me I should post it… so if you don’t enjoy this post, don’t blame me… blame her because she told me to share it 🙂


Now for the good stuff:

So I was reading this article today that I saw on my Yahoo! Homepage, and you can follow this link to a video of the news story. (If you followed the link skip ahead, if you didnt continue reading…) Apparently, Cambridge, Mass is beginning to add pictures of, and instructions to, yoga moves on their parking tickets, so that you will be more relaxed when you get one.


Isn’t that ridiculous?!  I mean really?  That would make me feel insulted!  Am I a child that putting pictures on a ticket is supposd to help me not be mad?!   Let’s use our imaginations here…

You wouldn’t put a picture of Elmo on your spanking paddle for your children would you?  “Hey son, you should enjoy these light slams on your rear end a little more cause Elmo is smiling at you.”  No, He is mocking me! Is what the kid would think!

I mean, Honestly, It’s like you just got dumped on and then they gave you a sticker and said “Here! Be Happy :)”


This whole thing is so ridiculous that the news anchors couldn’t even make this into a serious story!


There’s just so many better things you could do…

Like put a joke on the ticket instead, that might at least make me laugh

Maybe tape a dum-dum sucker onto the ticket

or best of all… just leave it a plain old ticket!  It’s a ticket for goodness sake! Nobody will ever be happy getting a ticket no matter what you do!


Anyway.   Now that that is off my chest… Do you find this as ridiculous as I do? … and secondly, what is something (in your opinion) that people do that they think is a good idea when it’s really a terrible one?




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