New “Books Are Fun” Finds

Yesterday, “Books Are Fun” came to my work.  A couple of times a year they’ll come and set up all of their books, toys, gadgets, and other items.  And a couple of times a year I leave with at least one bag full of great buys. Yesterday was no different.

“Books Are Fun” is a division of “Reader’s Digest”, and they set up displays at schools, small businesses, and larger corporations.  I’m guessing our office is one of the larger corporations because they had at least a hundred titles and things.  There was everything from books to blankets, toys to creative watches, movies to scrapbook supplies, and so much more.  Needless to say, I loved looking at everything!  Oh — and another plus is that everything I bought yesterday was retailed between $20 and $50 and I only paid between $10.99 and $15.99!


I bought cards and a Christmas present before lunch, and then Michael went back with me after lunch and we bought a few more things.




My mom bought me a set similar to these when I was in High School or early college, and I’ve been addicted every since.  This is my fourth “Books Are Fun” card set.

They have divider tabs inside with lots of cards in each category.

They would all sell for around $4 – $6 in a store, and I got all of them for $15.99!  Here are some examples:



101 Things to Do Before You Grow Up

I bought this before lunch as a Christmas present for a family friend (6th grade boy).  When I showed it to Michael, we both liked it so much that we decided to get one for ourselves!  It’s packed full of awesome things to do.  Boys would especially love this, but there are plenty of things for girls too.  (Here’s an Amazon link for the book, but if you can find it at “Books Are Fun” it’s a lot less.)

There are 6 different sections, and they all have diagrams and detailed instructions on all of the different things to do.

Here’s part of the Table of Contents.  You can see that it’s a spiral bound hardback.


Which has everything from “Build an air cannon”

to “Make a tree swing”


With things like “Make a flick book”

and “Write a detective story”


“Extract DNA in your own kitchen”

and “Walk on Liquid”


From “Make a battery”

to “Make the ultimate bug catcher”


“Master some coin tricks”

and “Send messages in invisible ink”

And lastly — Survival:

Things like “Start a campfire without matches”

and “Build an emergency shelter” (in all kinds of places)

We’re both really excited to try some of these things out!  And it’ll be a lot of fun to go through them with our kids someday.



The Berenstain Bears Set

We’d both loved “The Berenstain Bears” growing up, and when we found this set of 7 for $12.99 we couldn’t pass it up!

These were two of my favorites:

I love how they all have lessons in them, but they’re still fun to read.



And lastly:


101 Classic Stories

We saw this book and decided that it’d be a really good “bedtime story” book someday.  The illustrations are really cute, and there are TONS of stories inside.  Here’s a link to a different edition — I can’t find the one we bought.

There are stories for 4-6 year olds

and 7-9 year olds

Some stories are ones I’ve heard over and over, like “The Princess and the Frog”

“The Emperor’s Clothes”, “Cinderella”, “The Tortoise and the Hare” and “The Princess and the Pea”.

And then there are a lot that I’ve never read like “The Giant who Counted Carrots” from Germany

and “The Dragons of Peking” from China.



We were really happy with all of our new “Books Are Fun” finds!  I hope that we can find a place where they come in Beaumont.  I just love how most of the items they have are fun, creative learning things.



Have you seen any must-have books lately?




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2 responses to “New “Books Are Fun” Finds

  • adam

    I love that “things to do before you grow up” book! They all look like pretty great books to have for whenever you have kids, thanks for sharing! 🙂

    The only must-have book I know of right now is one I’m reading in a class at my church, “Knowing God” by J.I. Packer. It’s gooood.

    • mselizondo

      You’d love that book!! It’s definitely an “Adam Book.” I’ve never read “Knowing God.” I’ll have to go put it in my Amazon cart (along with the other million books I want to eventually buy).

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