Who Says Men Can’t Show Some Emotion?

Michael here, again!


So for those of you who read my first post “Man-Post!…” I hope you enjoyed my rant, and thanks for reading!  Today’s post is going down a different route… let’s say a more serious route.  I know, I know, only post number 2 and I’m already getting sappy on you. But here’s the thing… I read another article today, a touching article, that made me just about break into tears, and it gave me something to post about.


When I was younger I never really cried much.  Sure, if I skinned my knee, or got made fun of in a really mean way, or whatever, I would cry some.  But stories of people, movies, songs, etc never really seemed to move me like that.  I mean I would feel that warm fuzzy feeling, but not enough to cry.

I remember the first movie I cried in (and the only one except for “The Passion of the Christ” until I was a sophomore in college) was “I Am Sam.”  If you’ve ever seen that movie you know why I wanted to bawl like a baby during it.  But other than that I never cried much.


During my sophomore year of college, God did a lot in my life and broke a lot of walls down within me (I’ll spare the details for a possible future serious post).  But ever since that time in my life I get really choked up over really touching, sad, or inspiring stories.  I think I’ve cried in probably about 20 movies since then (that’s a lot for only being about 4 years).  Here are some examples — “Up” (bawled in this one and still do even the 2nd and 3rd time through), “Stranger Than Fiction”, “Crash” (although I can’t really recommend it cause of language, and other adult themes, etc.),  “About A Boy” (Same caution as with Crash),  a couple of episodes of “24”, and a few episodes in “LOST”, and even  “Toy Story 3” (twice).


So I read this story yesterday, and I couldn’t help but be moved.  Don’t you love to look out and see that in a world full of junk, that there are still some really sweet stories out there.

Reading this article reminds me of another story (I’ve searched and searched for the video and the only one I can find is this YouTube link that someone filmed of the TV screen) that moved me to tears (twice — three times… I just watched it again) about a young man who was supposed to be a part of the Winter Olympics this year but had a really bad head injury like a month or two before and couldn’t make it. (Quick preface — Staci and I were way into the Winter Olympics this year, we watched them basically every night, and can’t wait till the 2012 Summer Olympics).  Anyhow, NBC had done a story on him and his family in the fall of 2009 talking about him making it onto the Olympic team, and the family was so proud.  The part that touched me the most, however, was he has a down’s syndrome brother who was so so proud of him and was telling the reporter how he would miss him while he was away in Vancouver, and how he knew his brother was going to win.  This opened up the gates, and rains came down and the floods went up.

See, I have a very soft spot in my heart for special needs people.   The innocence and joy that they have is so refreshing.  We center around ourselves so easily, and yet, so many special needs people  (who really need to be cared for and watched over) give of themselves more than we do.

Anyway, slight tangent…

This young snowboarder’s story ends with him finally making it out of the hospital and he is in rehab and doing very well (as of May 2010).


But the point of this whole post is — I think it’s important as a Christian to be moved by people’s stories.  In Ezekiel 36:26 God says through His prophet, “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.”   I’m glad that God has been able to instill a heart for others in me over these past few years in my life.  I never really cared much before, but God has helped me to see how he has blessed me, and how thankful I need to be for the family, friends, health, etc. that I have.  Not everyone is as lucky as I am, not everyone is as blessed as you are.  So take some time to thank God for His gifts and blessings on this earth (even if that gift is found in someone else’s story).


What story out there (inspiring, sad, funny) has really affected you in such a moving way recently?


— Michael



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