The First of the Lasts – By M

So I think I’ve begun my new signiture for my posts… the title will end in “by M”


Now to the post…


Thursday night marked the “beginning” of the end of our ministry in Ada.

Over the past year and a half I have had the oppurtunity and privilege of leading worship for the Thursday night Bible study held at the local college’s Baptist Student Union (BSU) called Encounter.  This ministry has been a complete God-send for me here in our town.  Although I am (or “was”, but that just sounds weird right now) the music minister at our church, I didn’t exactly lead the kind of music that I love to lead.  I thank God for the music ministry there at our church, and I feel honored to have led the church in worship over the past 2+ years.  However, hymns, piano, and organ (with a little bit of “praise choruses” — as some would call them — and guitar sprinkled in) are not really my cup of tea.  I have always been a fan of contemporary worship with a band including drums, bass, electric and acoustic guitars, and possibly even a synth thrown in there somewhere…

…This is the style of worship I got to lead at the BSU.  (here are a couple of pics of my last night there)


And beyond leading worship, I invested in many lives of the students who were involved in the BSU ministry.  It was so refreshing to be able to come to a place where I was free to worship in the way that is the best for me.

Staci was also very involved with some of the girls.  She led a Bible study on Tuesday nights last Spring.  The girls went through a Beth Moore study.


So we begin to turn the page as we made it through our first “last” before we leave for Beaumont in just a few days now.

Also, Staci just finished her last day at her job here, but I’m sure she would rather share about that.


Other “Lasts” on the agenda: Sunday Morning Service, Sunday Night Service, Wednesday Night Service, Weekend


Thank God for technology so that we can stay in touch with those whom we love who will be very far away.



— Michael



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