A Little About You

One of our favorite bloggers, Bryan Allain, does posts like this every once in a while, and I always enjoy them.  So, taking a leaf out of his book, we’d like to get to know a little more about our readers.  In the spirit of Halloween,

1.  How do we know you?  Or how did you find this blog?

2.  What’s your favorite candy?

3.  What’s the best Halloween costume you’ve ever had?



Thanks so much for reading!  You all make blogging fun.  : )




And now it’s your turn…



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17 responses to “A Little About You

  • Chrissy

    I want to play! 🙂

    1. How do we know you? Or how did you find this blog?: DBU!!!! Go Patriots!

    2. What’s your favorite candy?: Twizzlers, yummy

    3. What’s the best Halloween costume you’ve ever had?: Devil, age 2 😉

  • Megan

    1. Disboards – gotta love the Disney-obsessed! 🙂

    2. Special Dark chocolate…or Reese’s Peanut Butter cups…

    3. Hmmm…it’s a toss up between my genie and skunk costume. The genie costume was great as I wore it right after Aladdin came out (but loved watching I Dream of Jeannie reruns!) The skunk costume is a long running joke in my family as it was passed down through all the cousins 🙂

  • adamhuckeby

    1. You guys look familiar… weren’t you on Survivor season 3? Or maybe we worked together at some point. Yeah, that’s probably it.

    2. I know this makes me like 84 years old, but I love candied peanuts!

    3. Father of the Vampire and Witch (this year).

  • Natalie Barker

    1. How do we know you? Or how did you find this blog? Another DISer here!

    2. What’s your favorite candy? Sweet Tart Chews (you can only find them at Halloween and they are in the bag with all kinds of other Sweet Tart candies, therefore, I buy the entire bag for just about 1/4 of the candy inside of it.

    3. What’s the best Halloween costume you’ve ever had? I have no idea, but Landry, my 6 year old, was the cutest ladybug you’ve ever seen when she was one!

  • Amy

    1. Well I have known Staci since the 8th grade :)We met when enrolling a couple of days before school! And then the rest is history 🙂

    2. My favorite candy is Almond Joy’s. But for some reason we have this thing of always making Rice Krispy Treats on Halloween and those are really my favorite!

    3. When I was little I dressed up as Belle from Beauty and the Beast and then the next year I wore the same thing because I just loved it soooo much! We ordered it from JcPenny’s catalog! I can remember waiting and waiting for it to come in the mail 🙂

    • mselizondo

      I really need to scan some of the pics of us from 8th grade. We were such babies! I’d forgotten that you love Almond Joys–we used to eat them all the time! Mmmm….Rice Krispy Treats… I was Belle one year too! I wish I’d saved the dress. Miss you!

  • Jenny105

    1. Disboards! And I met you both at DHS last year 🙂

    2. It’s a toss up between Reese’s pnut butter cups and sour patch kids

    3. Hmmmm. One year I was an 80s rock star. My costume was fabulous. I had pink lace gloves and zebra striped pants with star shaped sunglasses. I looked so cool lol.

  • mselizondo

    I decided that I want to answer too! 😉

    1. Um, I’m me!

    2. It depends. Sometimes I’m in the mood for a candy bar, and then I choose Twix. But I usually pick fruitier candies like Air Head Extremes, SweetTarts, Jolly Ranchers, etc.

    3. I think my favorite costume was Jasmine. I was Mary (my Cabbage Patch doll, Ricardo Richard Jovis, was Jesus) for the church carnival, but I was Jasmine (complete with a jewel in my belly button) for trick-or-treating.


  • Amy Antinoro

    Hello, my dear cousin!
    Favorite candy, Almond Joy. My kids always score a couple for me on Halloween.
    Best costume-in middle school, one year I was a flapper (cool vintage costume) and one year I was a gangster (wore my dad’s wedding suit and carried a violin case). I loved both of those costumes.

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