Speaking of Disney – By M

So if you happened to catch Staci’s most recent post about “Beauty and the Beast” then you’ve gotten a little taste of our life over the last couple of days.


However, after Staci waited for a month for her movie to come in, I’ve been impatiently waiting for my new movie to come in!  I will admit that I’ve been worse than a 5-year-old on Christmas Eve.  I pre-ordered Toy Story 3 (4-disc Blu-ray/DVD set) from Amazon and it shipped out on Monday.  …I think I may have a problem though – I confess that I have checked the tracking status probably once an hour to see if it’s changed.  I probably wouldn’t be so antsy right now, but the most recent update said that it had left Houston Thursday at 2:50am… therefore, I feel like I should’ve gotten it in by now!  I mean, we’re only like an hour and a half away!


Anyways, I loved the way that the writers did Toy Story 3.  I think that the way Andy is all grown up and leaving for college makes the whole “Toy Story” story that much more believable.  The first Toy Story was my absolute all-time favorite Disney movie.

Growing up I had all the little action figures, including a Buzz that had a lazer and buttons that made him talk, and Buzz Lightyear’s spaceship.  They were probably the toys I played with most, aside from my hot wheels.  (In case you haven’t seen the movie, don’t worry this isn’t a spoiler) Seeing Andy box up his toys so that he can go off to college reminds me of not being that far removed from when I packed up to leave home.  If you haven’t seen, I don’t know what’s wrong with you!  It’s a great movie and I think you will enjoy it!


So, now I’m dying to get the last installment so my collection will be complete!


I know Staci already asked this… but what’s your favorite Disney Movie (live action, cartoon, or computer animation)?  And, have you ever just been dying to get something in the mail like me?!

“To Infinity and Beyond!”


** UPDATE:  It’s made it to our town!  Yay!  That means I should get it today!  WOOHOO!**

– Michael


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