Tale as Old as Time, Song as Old as Rhyme

Beauty and the Beast


A few nights ago, I watched my favorite movie with my favorite person.  And it’s one of those times where my heart was just really full — if that makes sense.  I don’t think that I quit smiling until I was asleep.

I know that I’m super nerd for saying this, but I absolutely love the Classic Disney Movies.  There’s just something about them that makes me feel so contented and happy.  And I’m glad that Michael enjoys watching all of them too!  We have lots of Disney Feature Films and Disney/Pixar movies, and we want to buy almost all of both collections (I’ll probably make a list of them on here someday).  We just both grew up loving them, and we wanted to buy them for ourselves since our parents have them on VHS.

I always felt like I could relate to Belle.  I absolutely love reading for starters.  I’m also more of the proactive type (like Ariel and Belle) who go out and find adventure rather than the reactive type (like Snow White and Aurora) who let life happen to them.  I also have a crazy father and married a beast (JUST KIDDING, Daddy and Michael!!!).  I also remember loving the fact that Belle had brown hair when I was little since Barbies and a lot of other princesses had blond hair.  She also has the most gorgeous dress of any of the princesses!  Oh — and it’s also good that she has the ability to see people for who they really are.

Beauty and the Beast is just incredible.  The music and drawings and story-line — they’re all fantastic.  We bought the 3 disk combo pack (2 Blu-Rays and 1 DVD), and the second Blu-Ray had this really neat interactive documentary.  It had a somewhat normal documentary (we’re both huge nerds for things like that!) but then it also let you click to learn more about different topics.  We watched most of it on Tuesday night, and then finished it yesterday afternoon.  If you have this disk, I highly recommend it.  It was so fascinating to learn about the story behind the movie as well as hear about and from some of the artists and actors.  I feel like it helped us appreciate the movie even more (if that’s possible).

I love that my husband and I can enjoy small things like this.  It makes life so much better.





What’s your favorite Disney Movie?  Any particular reason?



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7 responses to “Tale as Old as Time, Song as Old as Rhyme

  • mselizondo

    My favorite is Disney-Pixar! Toy Story (and really, any 3 of them will do)! and I love the Lion King too! It comes out again next year and i cant wait!


  • Hannah Jameela

    This is my favorite movie when i was kid. I even dream to wear Belle dress. LOL. But my favourite cartoon movie themesong is in Lion King album.

  • Sunni

    As a little girl, I related to Belle so much, too. I was a bookworm and a daydreamer. I also believed that I could sing JUST LIKE HER. Until I recorded myself singing “Wow, isn’t this amazing?” I played it back and realized that I cannot, by any means, sing. It was pretty heartbreaking. Haha!

    Now, I really love Mulan. I love the sacrifice she makes for her family and the relationship between father and daughter. My favorite line: “The greatest honor is having your for a daughter.” I melt every time.

  • Jamie

    I can’t pick a favorite right now but I do have a Beauty and the Beast coloring book that I love and still color in to this day! You are too cute.

  • Natalie Barker

    It is an oldie, but I LOVE The Sword in the Stone. My second graders are reading the Magic Tree House book Thanksgiving on Thursday and I was trying to tell them about King Arthur and I was like, “You know, he was the little boy on The Sword in the Stone!” I don’t think a single one of them had ever seen it! I also love, more recently, Meet the Robinsons.

  • Jenny105

    Hands down, The Lion King. Always was and always will be.

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