Best Night of the Year!…maybe – By M

Tonight we all (well, not if you live in Arizona or any other weird place that doesn’t take part) will celebrate the best night – or really more like one of the best nights – of the year!  That special time of the year where we get to set our clocks back an hour; meaning we get a little bit more sleep tonight!!! How wonderful!

The problem is, I’m not a really big fan of the really early sunsets…  And, it also means that there is the horrific day in the spring where we set our clocks forward and lose that hour of sleep!!! How terrible!  …. wouldn’t it be great if we could just always set our clocks back?!  I guess minus the years that “day” would be night and “night” would be day.


Here’s the better option, as much as I love the extra hour of sleep, it’d probably be best not to have a time change at all! Especially because I usually go to bed an hour later than I would normally because I know I’m going to set my clock back anyway… so really I lose that “extra hour” of sleep anyway.   And really, the hassle of having to change all your clocks is pretty annoying


So on that note: I think I’ve talked myself out of thinking the night we all set our clocks back an hour is the best night of the year.  So, don’t forget to set your clocks back before you go to bed tonight!


Any wild stories of when you forgot to reset your clock?




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2 responses to “Best Night of the Year!…maybe – By M

  • Lilann

    Um, while some years it is a fave night, today I am hating it. As I am at work and my very long 12 hour overnight shift is made even longer tonight. Having to repeat an hour when awake = not fun. I hope you guys enjoyed the extra sleep for me!

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