Unexpected Happy Endings – By M

As I blogged the other day, I had anxiously been awaiting my new “Toy Story 3” movie to come in the mail!  And It came!  And I was am so happy!  And the heavens rejoiced!  And Staci and I got to watch it last night!  And I loved every minute of it!


As I had also mentioned in that post, I think Disney/Pixar did an incredible job with the story.  I loved they way that they continued the story in the present rather than picking up the story where it left off in #2.  I think it makes the whole story more believable and (to someone like me who grew up with the Toy Story movies) that much more touching.


This paragraph will talk a little bit about the end of the movie, but I promise to leave it vague enough to keep from spoiling the movie if you haven’t seen it yet: As I watch through the ending scene of the movie for the third time (we already saw it twice in theater) it really struck me hard, and I couldn’t help but tear up a little bit (Staci did too).  I really think that the writers hit the ending of this tale right on the nose.  I realized that the ending, although it isn’t necessarily the expected one, is probably the happiest ending that they could have written.  And it made me think (sorry the youth pastor inside me is about to pop out)… Sometimes, in life, the “endings” we experience are not the ones we expect.  But more often than not, if we’re following God’s will for our life, they will be the happiest!

Allow me to elaborate by sharing a little of my own story.  During my junior year of high school, I decided that I wanted to go into the film making business.  I didn’t know how or what exactly, but I knew that’s what I wanted to do.  But then God changed my mind. Not that it wasn’t a welcomed change, because I was very excited about it, but the original “end” I foresaw in my life would not have been the happiest according to what God wanted for me.  Likewise, I would never have seen myself in small, po-dunk America for 2+ years of my life doing ministry, but I couldn’t have enjoyed that period of my life more.  And now here we are in a new town, a new ministry, and a new future that Staci and I could never have planned.  A very unexpected, but but yet very happy, “ending”!

When God puts a new opportunity in your life, and it isn’t what you originally wanted or expected it may just be a small part of the unexpected Happy Ending that He wants to put in your life!  If the writers of a movie can write such a great ending to such a great story, I know that the Writer of all things will have the best ending for you in mind if you listen to and follow Him.


Have you ever experienced one of those unexpected Happy Endings in your life?




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