Fall Decorations

I know this post is REALLY late, but I took these pictures a while back and never had a chance to post them.  And seeing as we’re going to take down all of these decorations tonight so we can be ready to put up Christmas decorations later on…  But I guess it’s better late than never!

We put some pumpkins and gourds from The Pumpkin Patch on our front porch.  The one on the far left is some sort of weird pumpkin breed.  The one that’s turning green is a mix between a pumpkin and a gourd (we didn’t know that at first), the blueish one is called a fairytale pumpkin, and the gourds in the basket are called winged gourds (there are pumpkins in there too).  Aren’t you glad I know so much about pumpkins now?!

This basket of gourds and pumpkins is under the bar:

These are on the bar (above the pumpkin/gourd basket):

The only other place I decorated (inside the house) was the entertainment center area.  This vase is beside it:

On top (with our Animal Kingdom Lodge giraffes, which I LOVE):

The other side of the top:

And I added just a few leaves in one of the entertainment center shelves.  (Sorry for the blown-out/fuzzy picture.)

All of the decorations (well, besides the pumpkins) came from Hobby Lobby, by the way.  I LOVE that place!!

And lastly, this is our back porch with more pumpkins from the Pumpkin Patch:

This is the first year I’ve decorated for fall, and I’m so glad I did!  I hope to decorate even more next year.  It’s so crazy to think that we’ll be putting up our tree and Christmas decorations soon.  Fall has just flown by.





Q for You:  Did/do you decorate for Fall?  Any fun ideas?



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