Changing of the Seasons – By M

I realize that here in South West Texas there are no seasons… just hot and cool.  But the past few weeks we’ve had absolutely incredible weather!  Well, minus a couple of soupy, rainy days.  I’m so glad that it’s finally cooling off though!  This is my favorite time of year.


I love Thanksgiving!  I love the memories, the food, the family!


When I was younger, usually what we do is wake up late, eat a little bit of breakfast to prime our bellies, then we get dressed up (just nice/casual) and head over to my Aunt Chivy’s (pronounced Chee-Vee) house.  All my extended family arrives and the women prep the food and the men sit around watching whatever football game happens to be on TV.  Then it’s time for the feast!  And yes by feast, I mean FEAST!  Our table is probably 25 or 30 ft long full of food!  We eat, and eat, and eat some more!  Then once we’re full, we eat dessert!  Then we watch the Cowboys (who hopefully this year won’t be a total bust, bleh).  We finally head home.  Since I was in, I think, 7th or 8th grade my family would do Black Friday shopping so we had to go to bed early! (One night my brother, sister, a couple of friends and I camped out at Best Buy for their crazy deals!)  So Friday we shop all morning long and it’s a blast and we save a butt-load of money!   This year I’m not sure we will go (I know, I’m breaking the tradition) because we don’t really have the money to spend.


I can’t wait till all the festivities!  And the best part of all…….. drum-roll please……  Christmas season OFFICIALLY kicks off!!!  Woohoo! The most wonderful time of the year!


So, tune in next week to hear all about our Thanksgiving adventures (I’m sure Staci will post plenty about it!)


What do you love about the Thanksgiving holiday?  Favorite Thanksgiving food?  Ever been Black Friday Shopping?




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