A Tour: LR and BR

Now that all of our boxes are emptied and we have (almost) all of our decorations on the walls, I decided that it’s time to start giving a tour of our new little apartment.  But before I do, let me say that we’re loving our new place!  It’s my first apartment ever, and it’s a ton better than I was expecting.  We can never hear our neighbors, the second floor on the end is perfect because we don’t have anyone above us, and we get a “semi-private stairwell”, and I love having the work-out facility and things.

And now, without further ado, I present our Living Room and Master Bedroom.


Living Room:


From the dining room facing the main part of the LR:

Those are our new couches, by the way.  We bought them before we left Ada, and we’re really happy with them!

The entry-way/door:

From the door, facing in (we LOVE the bay windows!):

And some of my favorite details:

All of our books!  I absolutely love reading, and I don’t think I could ever switch to an electronic book (I’ve tried)–I just LOVE having actual books.  I also like our Bride and Groom Mickey and Minnie.  My parents brought them back to us from Disneyland the summer before we got married.

Our pictures/drawing above our couch.  I am SUCH a picture person (I just transferred 800+ from my camera to the computer today) and I love having pictures all over the house.  The drawing in the center was a gift from one of my friends from work (at my old job).  He asked for a picture of us, and a few weeks later THIS was waiting on my desk.


This is in the hall-way between the living room and our guest bathroom:

I love the fact that I can look at each of these crosses and remember who gave it to us and/or when/where we got it.  Some were wedding gifts, the one at the top was from my co-workers as a going-away gift, the wooden one is from an olive tree in Bethlehem (we bought it at church), some are from friends over the years, some from Pine Cove families, and some are from when I was in high school or college.


Master Bedroom:


The view from the door:

From the bed/shelf unit towards the door:

My Paw-Paw made me the shelf to go on top of my dorm desk, and it’s one of my favorite things about the room.  I painted it and a dresser a few years ago.  The chest/dresser is one of the things we bought at IKEA.  It fits all of Michael’s stuff perfectly, and I still have a drawer left over for my “junk drawer” (since we got rid of our extra desk).

This is the view from the bathroom area looking towards the window:

The other wall has my dresser (the one that matches the shelf), the door to the bathroom, and the door to the closet.  For some reason I didn’t get a picture.  This is the closest thing I have:

Some of my favorite things:

Some of our family-friends gave this to us as a wedding gift.  It was SUCH a unique gift, and it fits perfectly in our room:

I painted the picture on the left.  It has a Bible verse that means a lot to us painted on it.  The picture in the middle was a random poster from camp.  The right-hand frame is very special to me because it’s from my director’s wife and my assistant director from when I was in The Forge leadership training program.

This is the first time that we’ve hung my bridal portrait.  We took forever to get it framed, and then we never got around to hanging it in our other house.  The roses are my bouquet from our wedding, and Michael’s boutonniere is in the bottom of the vase.



And that’s a little view of our new home.  I’ll post more as we finish those rooms.





What are some of your favorite little things in your house?


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