Catching Up: Black (and Silver) Friday

Yes, we’re those people…the ones who get up early and head to the stores for crazy Black Friday deals.  Yes, it’s early.  And yes, there are lots of people.  But it’s SOOO worth it!

Last year was my first year to ever do the whole Black Friday thing.  Michael’s family had been doing it for years, and we decided to carry on the tradition in Oklahoma last year.  We found a ton of amazing deals, and decided that we’d be doing it every year we could from then on!  Last year we had a list of lots of things we were looking for, and a big time game plan.  We were at Kohl’s before 4:00 (yes, A.M.) so we could be there when the doors opened.

This year we decided to take it a little easier since all we were looking for were clothes.  So we didn’t get to Old Navy until 5:00 (I know…so late, right?!).  Michael’s mom went with us, and we just took our time shopping around.  Literally everything in the store was on sale. We got some really great deals!

When we left Old Navy, we went to the mall.  We were going to just go to Aeropostale and JC Penny, but we saw that New York & Company was having a 60% off everything sale.  So we went to those three stores, found some amazing deals, and went back to Old Navy for a few more gifts before we went to breakfast.  Richard and Amanda were finally getting started on their shopping when we finished breakfast, so we dropped Michael’s mom off with them and then we stopped in at Bath & Body Works, picked up a pair of ski pants for Michael at Academy, and went back home to relax.

It was 12:00, and we’d already been up for 8 hours.

But we’d saved over $420  so it was WELL WORTH IT!!  I can’t get my brain to figure out the math, but I do know that we saved well over what we spent!

Look at all of our Black Friday goodies!

These pictures aren’t the best quality, but here are a few of our favorite deals of the day:

It was a GREAT day of deals!  And we had lots of fun shopping.  It was fun to have his mom with us this year.



After we relaxed and watched a movie, it was time to put on some Black and Silver–we were going to a Spurs game!

Michael’s family has been huge Spurs fans forever.  Even though I’m not a die-hard fan (like I was when Michael Jordan played for the Bulls!), I enjoy cheering for the Spurs with Michael.  We’ve been to two Spurs vs. Thunder games in OKC, and we had a GREAT time.  But this was the first time I’ve seen a Spurs game in San Antonio.  And they were playing their biggest rivals: the Mavs!

Michael’s dad had called a while back and asked if we wanted to go the day after Thanksgiving, and of course we said yes!  All 6 of us went together, and we had such a great time!  The only thing that would have made it better would have been if Sarah (Michael’s sister) could have been with us.

We got there in plenty of time to walk around, shop, take some pictures, and even shoot some hoops before the game.

The brothers and soon-to-be sisters-in-law:

Mom and Dad E

All the championship rings!

These guys were making tons of noise and getting everyone all ready for the game:

They even had shooting games set up in the “fan zone”

When it got closer to time for the game to start, we headed over to find our seats while the team warmed up.

Michael’s mom sat with Richard and Amanda above us:

And we sat with his dad on the row below:

We went to get some food during half time and ran into H-E-Buddy

It was a REALLY good game!  The Spurs lost, but it was still a really exciting game.  We had to take our traditional “We won/lost picture”.

We had a great time!  It was so much fun to be there with Michael’s family!!

After the game, we went to Freddy’s Frozen Custard (YUM!) and headed home.


It had been SUCH a great trip to San Antonio!  I’m so thankful we were able to spend Thanksgiving with Michael’s family this year.



Do you shop on Black Friday?  Have you ever been to a NBA game?  Who is “your team”?





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