Catching Up: Thanksgiving in SA

I meant to get to this post earlier…but life has gotten in the way.  It’s been SO busy.  But a good kind of busy.



This was our year to have Thanksgiving with Michael’s family (we switch off between Christmas and Thanksgiving every year).  We headed over to San Antonio on Wednesday morning, and we arrived in plenty of time to relax, pick up the last-minute recipe ingredients, and go out to eat with Michael’s parents, brother, and soon-to-be sister-in-law.  It was a great night, and we were all looking forward to Thanksgiving the next day!


On Thanksgiving Day, we slept in a little, and then I called my family to wish them “Happy Thanksgiving”.  It’s always tough being away from my family for holidays because we’re really close.  But at the same time, I love being able to be a part of Michael’s family and celebrate with them.  If only our families didn’t live eight hours away from each other!

Anyway, after I talked with my family, it was time to get ready and start working on food!  I usually go to my Meme’s and help cook on Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  My mom, aunt, and whoever else is there all work together and make everything we can make in advance.  It’s become one of my favorite holiday traditions.  Since I wasn’t going to be able to help Meme cook, I wanted to be able to make some recipes to take along to Michael’s Aunt’s house.

I made Apple Dumplings, Sauteed Green Beans, and my Granny’s Cranberry Cool-Whip Salad.  I’m sorry I completely forgot to take pictures.  I’ll put the other two recipes up sometime–I’ll just have to make them again so I can get some pictures!  Michael’s mom and I worked together on the food, and it was a lot of fun!  I always like to share new recipes when I come to visit.

We also Skyped with Michael’s sister, Sarah, who lives in New York.  It was really sad that she wasn’t able to come home for Thanksgiving.  We are really happy that we’ll get to (hopefully!) see her for a few days before Christmas.

After the food was all ready, we loaded up and headed over to Michael’s Aunt Chivy’s house for Thanksgiving.

Michael’s family is SO much fun, and we always have such a great time with them!  Michael’s dad’s family gets together every Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve (we got to be with them last Christmas) –and other times throughout the year– to celebrate as a family.  This year was apparently the biggest table ever.  I love that we all sat at the same table!

The tables made an “L”.  This is the long section, stretching all the way from the dining room through the living room.

And this was connected (where Michael is) and goes through the rest of the living room.

I just love visiting with family!  I think that’s one of the reasons I love Thanksgiving so much.  It’s always been all about family for me.  And this year was really special because I really felt like part of the family.  I’m sure that most married people know what I’m talking about.  There just comes a time when you’ve been around enough to actually feel like you fit.  And this Thanksgiving was that for me.  I’ve always felt loved and welcomed, but now I’m starting to really feel like I’m a part of the family.  I think it really helps that we were able to be in SA for Christmas last year and then for a week this past summer.  Anyway, it was good.

After lunch, we sat around and visited some more, and then it was time for a little birthday celebrating for Amanda (her bday was the Sunday before Thanksgiving).  Michael’s dad had been across the border for some business, and brought this back for a little bday surprise:

A pinata!

We all walked over to the school down the street and tied the pinata to one of the trees.  The birthday girl had the first turn–and it was her first time to hit a pinata!

Michael’s cousin’s little girl, B, was attached to me the whole day.  I loved it–of course!

Almost all of the “kids” had a turn…from the youngest:

to the oldest:

I even had a shot!  I hadn’t hit a pinata since elementary school.  It was a lot of fun!

We finally busted it open, and the kids had a blast picking up all the candy.

B was hilarious.  She only wanted the DOTS and colored Tootsy Rolls.

Oh, the sad life of a pinata.

After our bday pinata, we went to the side of the school where they have a huge fire escape slide.  I couldn’t believe that schools still had things like this!  A couple of the bravest took turns on it.

Michael said it’s a lot steeper than it looks!

After that, it was time for a picture with all of the grandkids–including Michael’s grandparents’ best friends (who lived next to them for years and years–Michael’s Aunt Chivy and her family now live in the house where Michael’s dad grew up) and their grandkids.

We went back inside and visited/watched the game.  Since I didn’t care anything about the game, I visited with some of the other women in the dining room.  We were all laughing SO hard.

We had SUCH a great time with all of Michael’s family.  What better way to spend Thanksgiving Day?!


That night, it was time to put up Michael’s parents’ tree!  I love decorating for Christmas, and we were excited to be able to do this with them.

Oops.  Something’s not right.

There we go!

What’s Christmas decorating without a little holiday dress-up?

Richard and Amanda, decorating for Christmas for the first time together.

Michael’s dad put the angel on:

And the beautiful final product:

We’d watched “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and started “It’s A Wonderful Life” while we decorated the tree.  When we finished the tree, we put up some more decorations and then all finished watching “It’s A Wonderful Life.”  I just love that movie.  It was always my Dad’s favorite, and I couldn’t understand why until a few years ago.  I think it’s one of those movies that you have to be a little older to appreciate.  It’s one of my favorites now, too.

It’d been a very, very good Thanksgiving!  I’m so thankful for our wonderful families.



What is your favorite thing about Thanksgiving?  Your favorite Thanksgiving food?





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