I’m Still Here – By M

(And no this post is in no way reference to the creepy movie Joaquin Phoenix put out about his life as a druggy-rapper-wanna-be)

Anyways… I realized that it’s been since, I think, November that I last put up a post.  As Staci has mentioned, we’ve had a rowdy past few months.  It all began with the Thanksgiving Holiday and has carried all the way through this January Weekend.  There’s a lot to be covered… so here are some highlights/thoughts/etc since I last posted.


– Wow! It’s November already!  And the end of November at that!

– It’s frustrating when your pumped about going to a Spurs game at home and then they decide they want to lose!  I mean really… they haven’t had a home loss since that night (November 26th.  It’s January 22nd.  I hope I’m not bad luck)!  But it was still fun and I got to go with the fam, and it was Staci’s first time at the AT&T Center and she thought it was awesome!  🙂

– Speaking of the Spurs… I love them being on top of the league right now!  Go Spurs Go!  Championship number 5… we’re on our way!

– Dang! It’s December!

– Christmas Season really is the best time of the year… it’s a shame it’s so short.

– I forgot how funny “Despicable Me” is.  If you haven’t seen it, go see it!  (Thank you mom for getting it for me for Christmas, and thank you for getting me the movie pack that has the inflatable minion)

– Snow Skiing is awesome!  And it is also way harder than the Olympians make it look!  But I had a blast on vacation.  I can’t wait to go again! (Staci will make a bigger post about this subject.)  …Oh and for the record, nobody could tell it was my first time skiing cause I looked that good 🙂  Oh yeah!

– Whoa! It’s January!

– New Year’s Celebrations are overrated… Staci and I spent this year’s in a car on a 14 hour drive from Red River, NM to Dallas, TX.  Honestly, we almost missed it, but Staci noticed the time when it was 11:58.   I really didn’t feel like i missed out on anything.

– It’s not cold in Beaumont

– Paintball is awesome!  Especially when 22 people are involved!  took a trip with our youth and shot a lot of people, and got shot a couple of times too.  I miss playing that game on a regular basis!

– I’m so glad the Hot Hearts Conference is over!  It was a great weekend with our youth, but boy am I worn out!   I’m also glad to sleep back in my bed after a night on the hard concrete gym floor!

– What in the world! It’s almost February! …time flies when you’re having fun I guess!


Well, thats my life in a nut-shell.  Hope I didn’t bore you to death!


(Even though this is kinda late) How were your holidays?  What did you do?  What did you get?  How has the New Year begun for you?





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2 responses to “I’m Still Here – By M

  • theozarkhouse

    Was that the Spurs-Mavs game, in San Antonio, where we lost? ARGHH…I was there too and experienced the same exact feeling – the one time I make it to a game, and they’re on a winning streak, they lose. Oh well…

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