Ski Trip 2010: Skiing & Snow

We woke up well before our alarm went off (we tend to do that on the first day of vacation).  It was time to put on 1.2 million layers and head to the slopes!

Um, not exactly the ski mask I had in mind.  The kids might have nightmares.

As you can see, the snow was mostly fake.  This is what the parking lot looked like:

Can you tell we’re excited?!  Some of the cousins getting ready to hit the slopes:

Notice the orange bandanas?  My cousins came up with the idea.  They were SUCH a great thing for our group!  We had 19 skiers/boarders, and it really helped us be able to spot each other on the slopes.

Before long, it was time for Michael to get on his skis for the first time!

My sister, future sister-in-law, and 3 cousins participated in “Snowboard School de Marcos” (my brother).

They spent most of the day like this:

Michael did so great on the bunny slope and the next-step-up-slope (whatever it’s really called) that we decided we were ready for the top of the mountain.  Keep in mind that we’d only done the step-up one twice before we headed to the big lift.

The view was gorgeous!

See that Green called “Easy Way Down”?  And see all of the grass showing through?  YEP.  It was closed.  Great.

That meant we had to take the Blue down.  And it wasn’t just any blue.  No, it was a Blue-Plus.  Which means it’s on it’s way to being a Black.  Joy.

We thought we were going to die.  I felt so bad for my dad and uncle.  I don’t think two people could take longer to get down the mountain than we did.  As Michael said, “I had no clue it’d be this hard.”

But we did end up making it down in one piece, even though Michael’s ski kept popping off whenever he’d turn.  Here’s a pic that makes him look like shows that he’s a pro.

When we finally made it down, we vowed that we’d stick to the easy lift and/or get off at the 1/2 way mark for at least the rest of that day.  After that, we had a LOT more fun.  We weren’t afraid for our lives.

We even took a couple of runs with the Boarders.  See the little town down there?  It was so cute!

That night, we all ate together and then some of the adults played “In a Pickle”.  If you’ve never played this, it’s hilarious.  I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t breathe.

It had been a great first day–even with the first run mix-up!


The next day, we felt much more confident and we had a great time skiing at our own pace and enjoying just being on the slopes.

It was SO much colder than it had been the day before, so we decided to take a break with my cousin, N, and get some overpriced hot chocolate.  It was worth it.

We were completely wiped out by mid-afternoon and decided to head in early.  It was a good thing, because when we got back to the room, it started snowing.  A lot.

That night, we played “Funglish”.  It’s another really fun game!  Think of it as “Taboo” with word tiles instead of talking and explaining the item.

Another great day with the fam!


On our third (and final) day of skiing, we finally got to ski on powder.  It was awesome.  Even though it was tons better than the ice that we had the day before, it was still hard in it’s own way.  There were times where the powder was so thick and soft that we’d get stuck trying to turn or something like that.

But it was gorgeous!

It was hard to get very many pictures since it was snowing hard all day (and my fingers just about froze off every time I took off my glove to take a pic), but I did get a few.

And Michael and I made it back up to the very top of the mountain again!  We also tried some of the other Blues and liked them too.  I was still really slow, but Michael did fantastic!  No one could believe that it was his first time skiing.

We met everyone up at the top of the mountain for lunch and to warm up.  Look at the snow on the outside seating!

My brother was wearing a helmet under his ski hat, and the heat from his head had melted the snow in places.

I didn’t really feel like eating a hamburger, and we were ready to call it quits, so we decided to go ahead and ski one more run and then go to lunch somewhere.  We’d over-done it the day before and we really wanted to go out on a high note.

It was a perfect last run!  We both felt great, and we had a lot of fun.

We turned in our gear and headed to our car, which looked like this:

Definitely different from our first day!

We decided to go to a little Italian restaurant that faced the slopes.  We were given the best seat in the house!  This was our view:

But we were nice and toasty inside.

It was snowing SOOOO hard!  This is what we drove through to get back to our room:

Since we’d put off doing our souvenir shopping until the last night, we braved the storm and headed back into town.  Thankfully it’d let up some by that time.  The town was beautiful with all of the snow!

We started shopping with my parents, and then we met up with some of the rest of our fam.  After trekking all over the town on foot, we finally found everything we were looking for.  Even though we were walking through feet of snow, it was a really fun, relaxing night.


We were supposed to leave at 5am the next morning, but we ended up having to push it back until 9 or 10 because of the snow on the roads.  Here’s a picture of the outside of our rooms:

We went in and had a little bit more family time before it was time to go.  I can’t get enough of my little cousins!

This is our group, minus my uncle and 4 cousins that left the night before.  It was SUCH a great family trip!

And here’s our family in the snow:

A couple of pictures of the gorgeous scenery:

And one last picture of Michael and me:

And then we were off.  I couldn’t get over how beautiful everything was with all of the snow.

By the way, this was the temperature when we left:

After FOURTEEN hours, which consisted of plenty of 90s songs, a pizza stop, my sister riding with us for a few hours, Sonic for dinner, talking about Disney for over an hour, and lots and lots of checking the clock, we finally made it to my aunt and uncle’s house to drop Marcos and Maddie off at their car.  Then Michael and I drove another 40 minutes to get to my other aunt and uncle’s house for the night.  Oh, and we welcomed in the New Year by driving on a Dallas highway.

But once we got to my aunt and uncle’s house, we had a great time!  They’d been on the trip with us, and we had a ton of fun with their family.  My aunt even put tootsie rolls on our pillows to make sure we got the 4-star treatment!

We slept in late the next morning, had pancakes for lunch, and then headed back to Beaumont.  When we got there, this was the temperature:


It was a REALLY GREAT vacation!  I’m so thankful that we were able to go and be with my family for a late Christmas.  We had such a great time!






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