More Quick Takes of My Life – By M

It’s kind of sad that most of my blogging consists of posts like this… but I know that it would be unfair to jump in and do a post and not fill you in on what’s been going on in my life since my most recent post!  I normally write these so that I can follow up with a longer post about something else, but then before you know it it’s been another month or two and I still haven’t posted anything.  Well this time I will be posting again this week without fail.  See, I want to give you an update on my world… and then I’ll be writing one for the ages!!!      ….. ok, not really.  However, I will definitely be writing once we get our pictures in from skydiving. We’ll get some pictures uploaded and posted so that you can read (and see) all about our skydiving trip!

– SO I don’t really know the last time I posted

– I think it was in late January or early February

– It’s already April 2nd!  Man time flies!

– So the reason neither Staci or I have posted in the last year-and-half/not-really-that-long is cause we’ve have been outrageously busy! I know I probably say that all the time, but trust me it’s true!

– Seriously!  Since the beginning of the year I think Staci and I have spent maybe a total of 3 weekends at home doing not much of anything.  Staci was literally not at home for a weekend for a month straight!

– I went on Golden Triangle Emmaus Men’s Walk #132 at the end of January!  Very great trip… if you ever haven’t a chance to attend, trust me it’s worth it!

– Why don’t adults get spring break?!  It’s a real shame… I mean I know I haven’t experienced one in the past 3 years, but I think this is the first year that it’s really gotten to me.

– Man, the last time I wrote on this blog the Spurs were cruising through the NBA season… now we’re on the worst losing streak in like 13 or 14 seasons – gag me with a dirty sock!   Oh well, maybe this will make them hungry for the playoffs! I still believe!

– Staci turns 24 this upcoming week!  I got it all planned out… and I’d love to share it but then Staci wouldn’t be able to read this post.

– Wow – we’re getting old.  We’re both approaching the precipice of our 20’s (it’s just down hill after 25) and our youth students were born after the N64 came out!  Dang!  They don’t even really remember the 90’s or Y2K or nothin!

– Why can’t the Texas coastline be nice?  Visited a nother one of your beaches and it really wasn’t much to write home about…

– Chill out, Texas, I still love you – you’re still the best nation state ever!

– It’s only 7 more months till Christmas season comes back – That’s exciting!

– I jumped out of an air plane yesterday and I didn’t die!  That’s reason for celebration!  I can’t wait to tell you all about it… so tune in again soon when we get our pics and stories uploaded and blogged!


So we’ve had a whirlwind Winter/Spring 2011… How have the last couple months been treating you?  Done anything special or exciting recently? Or do you have any random thoughts on life?



– M


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We've been married since December of 2008, and our son, Josiah, was born in July of 2012. We love spending time with family, running, music, traveling, and reaching out to others as a family. View all posts by mselizondo

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