A Little More About You

We’ve loved having all of you stop by to read about everything that’s been going on with the house, skydiving, and everything.  But we’d love to know who you are!  So we’re going to do something we’ve done a couple of times.  It’s time for…………

A Little More About You!


1.  What day of the week does it feel like? (I thought it was Thurs…)

2.  What’s the weather/temp where you live right now?

3.  If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would you be?


I can’t wait to hear your responses!  I’ll start off the comments.






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22 responses to “A Little More About You

  • mselizondo

    1. Thursday
    2. HOT and HUMID…87 degrees
    3. Destin, FL laying out at the beach

  • Meghan

    1. I have no idea what day of the week it feels like! Maddis is on Spring Break and we have nothing planned, I lose track of the days.

    2.It’s about 37 degrees and cold; not very Spring like. 😦

    3.I’d give anything to be at Walt Disney World right now. I have 2 clients there right now and I wouldn’t even care about the at capacity crowds. 🙂

  • Ann

    1. Feels like Thursday to me…and I still have a super full week of work ahead (all weekend)
    2. 40s, cloudy and rainy – so gloomy
    3. hanging poolside at a nice hotel either in FL (since Lily loves Disney) or Kauai

  • racheljthomas

    I’ve been thinking it was Wednesday all day.

    It’s beautiful here! 89 degrees and sunny! Not too humid, either!

    Nowhere sounds good to me right now except home. It’s too close to 5 o’clock to be dreaming!

  • runningtowardtheprize

    1. It feels like Thusday…or maybe it’s just me hoping it was Thursday!

    2. It is currently 32 degrees and snowing. I wish I was kidding.

    3. I would want to be in…Disney of course! (Not until next year sadly…) Or at least somewhere where it isn’t snowing!

    I’m really enjoying all of your updates! Maybe someday we (and our husbands) can meet!

  • Jamie Pittman - J

    Feels like Friday, we are wearing jeans!

    80 billion degress good ol Oklahoma


  • Chrissy

    1. Feels like a Thursday- haha
    2. 91 degrees- gag- in S’burg (between San Antonio and Houston)- it is HOTTTT
    3. Hmm it’s definitely a toss up between Disney and a cruise ship deck, laying out… Hmm…

    It looks like y’all enjoyed skydiving! I was hyperventilating for you while I was reading the post! I could never do that!!! Awesome though!

  • reneamac

    1) I woke up feeling like it was Thursday too! It freaked me out because I thought I’d forgotten to pick up tomorrow’s lunch for work.
    2) It’s 63 and cloudy after last night’s storm here in Dallas; nice and cool.
    3) Not gonna lie: anywhere… reading Harry Potter. I’ve just restarted the series. 🙂

    • mselizondo

      I started asking the kids what their weekend plans were… YAY for HP! Michael has started reading them–he’s about 1/4 of the way through #7. And we’re re-watching the movie when he finishes each book. We have a HP movie week planned for this summer with our students. We’re going to watch a movie a day for a week, and then go see #7 part 2 as a group. I thought about you. 🙂

  • Kenzie

    1. Feels like Monday because I still have school, a weeks worth of work to do that is due tomorrow, and a job interview on Saturday! Leave it to me to procrastinate.

    2. 60s, cloudy, cold, and rainy-Stillwater, OK

    3. Probably at the beach where it is in the 80’s! 🙂

    Miss you guys!!!!

  • Kenzie

    1. Feels like Monday to me because I still have a huge work load that is due tomorrow, along with getting ready for Easter and a job interview on Saturday! Leave it to me to procrastinate!

    2. 60s, cloudy, cold and rainy.

    3. Laying out at the beach somewhere with it about 80 degrees outside!

    Miss you guys! 🙂

    • mselizondo

      Hey Kenzie! I don’t know why, but I just found your comment in my spam box… We miss you lots!! I hope things are going well! Send us an update sometime.

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