Leap of Faith–by M

Our church has a weekly newsletter called the Circuit Rider.  It was my turn to write the “From Our Pastors” article, and I wanted to share what I wrote with you all.

Leap of Faith

By: Michael Elizondo

Just a few weeks ago, my wife and I took the ride of our lives.  I never felt so exhilarated, so on top of the world.  Some people are jealous of what we did; some people would not take a million dollars to do what we did.  So what was this excursion you ask?  Let’s say that Staci and I took a literal “leap of faith”.  14,000 ft. above the ground, each strapped to an instructor, we jumped out of a perfectly good airplane just to feel the rush of falling through the air and parachuting back to earth.

We put all of our trust in our instructors.  We believed that they had had the correct training, packed the parachute correctly, and harnessed us in tightly.  We also believed that they would not fail to pull the parachute for us as we fell through the air.  That’s a lot of faith.

As I look back to several months ago, I am reminded of a different leap of faith that Staci and I made.  Last summer, we believed that God was calling us in a new direction.  Just as we did with our instructors when we jumped out of the plane, God was calling us to jump out of our comfort zone in Ada, Oklahoma, and trust him.  We did not know what he wanted, where He wanted us to go, or why he wanted us to go.  We only knew it was time for a change—time for a leap of faith.

Just as we trusted our skydiving instructors and had faith in them, we put our faith in God to see where He was going to take us.  There was fear; there was excitement.  And as we put our trust in God and made that step, He led us to this wonderful church where we feel blessed beyond what we would have ever imagined.

Today, I’m not asking you to jump out of a plane, but maybe you need to do something God wants you to do that seems just as scary.  Take a leap of faith.  Put your trust in God, and know that—even more than our skydiving instructors—God is more than prepared to lead us through any adversity.  If you make that step and over come your fears, you will see the exciting ride that God has in store for you.  And the experience will be rewarding beyond what you could have ever expected.





When is a time that you’ve taken a leap of faith? 



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