Building Our House – Part 2

It’s still so crazy to think that we’re building a house!

Last week, Michael and I signed the contract to start building.  There were about a million things to read and sign, and we looked over every inch of the house-plan to make sure it was all like we wanted it.  I think I’m probably the first person to ask our realtor if I could take pictures of everything.  But you all know me…

Signing off on the floorplan:

Reading and signing the contract:

Can you tell we’re excited?!

While we were waiting on our realtor to check on something, I decided to take a few pictures of the show room to show you all some of what we had to choose from.  All of the selections–and especially all of the selections in the “non-upgrade” bracket–are some of the things we have been most impressed with during this whole process.  They have SO much to choose from in the standard price.  And a lot of the upgrades are so minimal that it really isn’t much of an added cost.

These are all of the tile options that were included in the standard price (you can see some of the other options behind me in the above picture):

These are the bricks (a lot are in the standard price, and then there are upgrades too).  We picked an upgraded brick and it was only $200 more for the whole house:

The ones on the hanging rack on the wall are all of the different stain options in our price range.  Then they have 2 walls with all of the cabinet options, including upgrades:

Anyway, we’ve been really happy with all of the selections.  Our builder does an excellent job of making sure everything–even the standard selections–is quality.

When we were finished signing the contract, we went out to take a picture with our lot and our contract.  This is it!  We’re really building a house!


Yesterday was our day off, and we decided to go and see how everything was coming along.  We were both trying so hard not to get our hopes up that we barely even talked about what we hoped they’d have done.  I think we were bracing ourselves for nothing to be started.

While we were in Tyler last weekend (I had a Forge reunion, which was INCREDIBLE), we passed this house on the way to and from our meeting place.  We really liked the way the beams still made somewhat of an arch, and we took it to James and Jared to see if we could do something similar with our front.  It’ll be a lot more narrow, but they said that we can!

We also signed off of the final final drawing of the house-plan.  YAY!  We asked Jared what the best-scenerio would be for the end of June (when my parents and Em come to visit), and he shocked us by saying the following:

The form boards are down now…

Next week we should be pouring concrete…

Then the walls go up…

Then then the outside…

And in 4 weeks we should be close to sheetrocking the inside!

So by the time my family comes, we’ll probably be at the tiling stage!

We couldn’t believe it!!  It’s all going to happen so fast.  And we were scared that nothing would be done this week…  When we drove by our lot, this is what we saw:

Form boards and plumbing!!!

Our property line:

From the back of our lot looking out:

Now that they have the property lines out, we were able to see how big our backyard is going to be.  It’s HUGE!  We’re so excited that it’s going to be as big as it is.  I was standing at one line, and Michael was at the other.  Keep in mind that it’ll all be cleaned up before we move in…

While we were taking pictures, our neighbor came over and introduced himself.  He and his wife and their kids live in the house right behind Michael.  Eventually we’ll have someone between us, but right now it’s an unclaimed lot.  It was SO good to meet our first neighbor.  We’re anxious to get to know their family.  He said that they love the neighborhood and their house, and just everything about our builder/team/neighborhood.  We went over and saw his backyard, and it looks even bigger when it has green grass and a fence.  We’re so pleased with the lot we chose!

We snapped one last picture of the plumbing, since it’ll be all covered up the next time we come out:

We’ve decided to try to go out to see the progress at least twice a week.  Our neighbor said he used to come out every day, and he’d still see huge changes!  I think we’re as excited about this whole building process as we are about actually moving in–well, maybe not AS excited, but still.

Thanks for reading along, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated!






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