The 2011 NBA Finals – By M

Torn…. torn in two!!!  That’s how I feel about the NBA Finals this year.  I have to admit that I’m still mad that my Spurs couldn’t seem to cut it this post season.  It’s extra dissappointing considering how solid of a year we put together.


But now I feel like I need to choose between evils; the Dallas “Wavs” (Mavericks) or the Miami “Superfriends” (Heat).  I know that pretty much any non-Heat fan is going for the Mavs… and the truth is if it were any other team in the league (yes, even the Lakers – eeew, that’s hard to say) I would be rooting for them.  However, the dilemma is found in the fact that the Mavs are even more of a nemesis to the Spurs than the Lakers, Heat, or any other team in the league.  We live way too close in proximity, I have way too many mav fans as friends, and they’re really good at talk but have never had any grounds to back it up.  I will say Nowitzki and Kidd have worked their rears off in more than stellar (Hall of Fame, really) careers, and they are definitely in an elite that deserve rings.  The Problem is Terry drives me nuts, I have no respect for Mark Cuban, and I totally love the bragging rights!


So here I am stuck between choosing Lebron (who is definitely great as well, but I’m a loyalist and believe he should have stuck with the Cavs) or the Mavs…. dang, this just did not turn out well for Spurs fans…

The truth is, I do believe the Heat have a couple of titles coming their way.  Although I would love to see that never happen, I believe it will.  So why not start now… maybe this would be their only triumph…. who knows…

But for the sake of all Spurs-loving fans out there, I just can’t get myself to root for D-town.  Sorry I can’t keep it in Texas this time… still, much love to all my mavs-loving friends out there, and the best of luck to both teams.


Who is your pick for the Finals (biased – like me, or un-biased)?  Who’s your number one team in the league (obviously you already know mine)?




WavsYou gotta admit it… that’s a pretty funny picture!

And this is just creepy that the Heat put out… oh well

heatles weird

Peace out!


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