One Last Quick Post – By M

Many of you know that we have an insanely packed summer ahead of us.  So I wanted to say an official farewell of sorts.  Obviously, we’ll still be posting some this summer, but they’ll be pretty few and far between, and they’ll probably be a lot like my quick updates.

But before I say goodbye, for now, I wanted to make one last post before the crazyness escalates (cause it’s already begun).


Quick Takes from my life:

– My head looks funny because I put sunscreen on my face and, for the first time in about 2 years, forgot to put sunscreen on my head.  So first the top of my head was way red, and now it’s way brown right above my forehead.

– I still can’t bare to watch the NBA Finals.  But I have to say (and it tastes bad coming out of my mouth) that I’m leaning more toward a Dallas victory just because Nowitski (for the first time ever) has rocked the house.  And the Heat are just too dang cocky, and they can’t hold a lead.

– I read a good one about LeBron.  If you asked LeBron for a dollar he would only give you 75 cents because he doesnt have a fourth quarter.

– Our house is really coming along!  We got brick going and everything!  We can’t wait

– I’m staring at my wife, and she’s hot!

– Did you know Marble Slab has a really good rewards program?  A free cone after every five.  So they may be way over priced, but it’s a nice treat on those days where you just need a break.

– My mom’s coming to Beaumont so she can go on mission trip with us!  It’ll be fun!

– Ironically, my mom is coming to help Staci cook, and my mom isn’t exactly a good cook.  And I wouldn’t be saying this if I knew she wouldn’t admit it to everyone she comes in contact with.  Love you mom 🙂

– Calvin and Hobbes is a great comic strip, but you should’ve already known that.

– LOST Season 4, here we come (for the second time around… too bad you’re my least favorite season)


So I think that’s all I’ve got.   I hope you enjoyed it… and I hope you don’t miss us too much when we’re gone (Actually, I hope you miss us a lot!)  We will miss you, and we will miss our blog.  Look for random posts this summer, stay in touch, and have a great summer!


What do you have planned in the upcoming weeks?  Give me a quick take or two from your world.


– M


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We've been married since December of 2008, and our son, Josiah, was born in July of 2012. We love spending time with family, running, music, traveling, and reaching out to others as a family. View all posts by mselizondo

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