New Disney Favorite – By M

With Staci making all her fun Disney posts, I figure why not make one of my own?!

And, if you haven’t caught on by now, Staci and I are big Disney fans.  Granted, Staci is a much bigger fan than I am, and she is also madly in love with Disney World.  Anyway, the two of us our always buying and watching Disney movies.  It’s great to have all our old childhood favorites and other classics.  We’re big nerds like that.

We’re also a part of the Disney Movie Club because you can get a ton of Disney DVDs for real cheap when you sign up.  We also, want to be prepared for when we have kids, so they can enjoy the movies that we grew up watching.

So we recently made an order for Dumbo and the New Winnie the Pooh movie.  We originally made this purchase, as stated before, for our future child.  We decided to watch Winnie the Pooh to see if it would be any good.  My family had the original one when I was kid and I remember it was funny (for being a 5 year old).  So I honestly wasn’t expecting much.  As the movie opened, it had that same Winnie the Pooh nostalgic feel –the old bedroom with the stuffed animals strewn about the room, the same “Winnie the Pooh” song intro (done very well by Zooey Deschanel), etc– a lot of the events in this story even mirror some of the old story.  Needless to say it started well…

…And to my great surprise got better as the show went on.  Staci will be my witness that this movie had me laugh out loud more than any other movie since Despicable Me.  It really blew me away how witty the lines were, and the slap-stick humor was great!  The only complaint I would have is that the movie is only 60 minutes… I didn’t realize feature movies could even be that short.  Although the Toy Story trilogy and the Lion King will always be my tops when it comes to Disney movies, this new Winnie The Pooh movie has definitely made its mark in my book!  So go rent it, enjoy it, and let your inner child out for a good 60 minutes!

So find a chance to tap into your inner child and check out the new “Winnie the Pooh” movie and enjoy!


What’s a recent movie that really surprised you in a good way?



– M


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2 responses to “New Disney Favorite – By M

  • Jenny105

    I loved Winnie the Pooh. Great movie though it was really short!

    I went into the new Muppet Movie not expecting much and was blown away by how great it was. I absolutely loved it!

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