1 Reason Why… – By M

There are literally hundreds of reasons why I am so excited to be having a baby this summer!  I’m excited to build memories, go on vacations, play together, joke around, get help in with the yard work (although that won’t be for quite a while), and many many more.

And there are also plenty of reasons why I am so glad to be having a boy!!!  Now, granted, I would have loved to have a girl too.  (Staci and I were just glad to be pregnant, we weren’t gonna be picky!)  And I really do hope to have a girl at some point.  But recently I have been thinking about how fun it will be to have a boy first!

Staci recently bought me the first season of Home Improvement on DVD and I love it!  I literally have been wanting it since I heard it was out years ago.  So Staci bought it for me as a surprise and we’ve gotten through the first few episodes (all of which I remember seeing as a kid), and watching three boys run around the house with a testosterone-over-charged dad has got me thinking about all the fun “boy” memories we’ll make!

So now to my “1 Reason why” I’m excited to be having a boy! (Keep in mind, this is NOT the #1 or top reason, just one of the many)

Many of you know that I am an avid Spurs fan!  I was born with black and silver blood!  well… maybe I wont go that far… but I grew up going to games in the Alamo Dome and eventually the SBC-Now AT&T Center and watching them at home and cheering them on every year!  I still have my foam finger (it’s not as nice in as the one in the link) and signed hat that I’ve had since I was a kid!  I still have my “The Admiral” poster of David Robinson!  My 1999 Championship hat sits in my office atop my bookcase!  Most of all, I had the privilege of attending 2005’s Game 7 of the finals against Detroit and got to experience first hand “We Are The Champions, my Friend!”

And it’s all because of my Dad!  He grew up in San Antonio and has followed the Spurs since they came to town as the ABA’s Chaparrals.  He was a fan before “The Iceman” ruled the floor, and well before the Spurs were 4-time NBA Champs!  And when me, my brother, and my sister grew up in San Antonio, he instilled a love for the best team in the entire NBA!

So here I am on the cusp of Championship run #5!  (I think we have a great chance to get there again this year, I feel it)  And I can’t stop thinking about how much fun it will be to enjoy future seasons cheering on “The Good Guys” with my little boy!  I can’t wait to take him to his first game at the AT&T Center!  For him to witness the magic in person, laugh hysterically at the Coyote (The Spurs’ incredibly awesome mascot), play in the Fan Zone, and enjoy the thrill of Pro Basketball!

It’s going to be a blast!  And it’s one of the biggest reasons I can’t wait for Josiah to be here!

And here’s one to the 2011-2012 Spurs, GO SPURS GO!  Let’s see Championship #5



– M


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We've been married since December of 2008, and our son, Josiah, was born in July of 2012. We love spending time with family, running, music, traveling, and reaching out to others as a family. View all posts by mselizondo

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