Baby Update

To say this update is way past due is an understatement.  I just looked back on the last time I did a baby update, and it was right after Valentines Day.  Oops!  Since it’s been over 3 months, I’ll spare you a week by week photo recap and just hit some of them along the way. Also, we’ve had lots of “excitement” in the medical realm since I last posted.  Those updates are sprinkled in with the pictures.

The last picture I posted was Week 17.  I’m going to post it again to show you the difference between 17 and 18–I really popped out for the first time.

Week 17

Week 18

Week 18 was also the first time I felt Josiah truly kick for the first time.  I’d felt him move around a little bit (as I wrote about in the last post), but exactly one week later I felt him kick me.  We were driving back home from work and I just started cracking up.  It was the craziest/sweetest little feeling.

A few weeks later, Michael felt him kick.  We were watching “Father of the Bride Part II” (fitting, huh?), and he gave his dad a HUGE kick.  In Michael’s words, “It was the most incredible thing I’ve ever felt!”

I think that feeling him kick was a huge milestone for both of us.  It just made everything seem that much more real.  It was a daily reminder that we really did have a little guy growing inside of me.

Week 22

We went to the Simply Youth Ministry Conference in Louisville, KY this week.  It was Josiah’s first plane ride.  We almost missed our flight that morning (I had the time down wrong), and I think there was just WAY too much excitement for him.  He moved NON STOP for almost two days.  That first night, we even tried playing him calming music to see if he’d settle down…nope.  But by the last day he was worn out to the point I was worried about him not moving at all.  But it all evened out after a couple of days.

Week 26

We started seeing an ultrasound specialist in Houston the first week of March.  The February ultrasound at my dr’s office showed that Josiah’s intestines were denser (brighter) than they should be.  So they scheduled us an appt with a specialist.  When we went the first time, he ruled out a chromosome disorder (my dr. had already ruled out cerebral palsy and some infections) and thought that the baby probably just swallowed some blood when I was dealing with marginal placenta previa back in January.  If this was the case, it should get darker on the ultrasound over time.

So this picture was taken during our next appointment with him.  (His bowels did get a little darker, but he still wanted to check us again…but more on that later…)  While we were doing the normal ultrasound and he was doing all of the measurements and everything, he just switched over to a 4-D ultrasound!

Some people have had a hard time seeing what is in the pic, so I’ll post it and then put an explanation drawing afterwards.  Keep in mind that this is a semi-profile of his FACE ONLY.  And it helps if you move back from the screen a little bit.

Do you see it?  We think he probably has Michael’s mouth and my nose…but that’s really just a guess.  It’ll be so exciting to see what he really looks like soon!

Little Scare and Bedrest

Two days after this ultrasound (April 2), I started having contractions.  Even though they weren’t hard, it was way too early to be having them regularly.  We went to the hospital and they monitored me and gave me a shot to relax my uterus.  The next day, I was still having over 6 small ones an hour, so we went back.  Third day, again.  This time they gave me three shots (the maximum dose in a day) and my doctor decided to give Josiah steroid shots in case he did come early.  She also put me on bedrest from April 2 until I complete Week 35.  Those last shots helped a LOT.  The next day, I only had 6 contractions total instead of 6 in an hour.

It was a pretty scary time for us, though.  My brother was 2 months premature, and my mom was in the hospital for a month before he was born.  And she was on bedrest with my sister for a long time.  So I was just scared that something like that would happen to us.  I don’t know how my parents handled it–this helps me see even more how strong they are and how much they must have depended on God.

My parents, sister, and Michael’s mom all came in that weekend to be with us.  It was a HUGE blessing.  I don’t think we realized how much we needed them until they got here.  They helped us with our flowerbeds too (which I’ll post pictures of in another post).  We are so thankful for our great families!

They also did this fancy test called a fetal fibronectin test when we were at the hospital.  It shows within 99% accuracy if I’m going to go into labor in the next two weeks.  Mine was negative, so she told me that I could get up and go to church on Easter Sunday.

Week 27 (Easter Pic)

I was not feeling great after church on Easter, but I rested the rest of the day and felt much better.  Since I was doing well, my parents and sister went back home, and Michael’s mom stayed for the week.

The next day was my 25th birthday!  I’d been looking forward to turning 25 for about 10 years.  It started with another trip to the hospital.  I think this is when I pretty much lost it.  I was awakened by the contractions early in the morning, and soon Michael woke up because I was crying so hard.  I’d held it together for so long, and it just all hit me.  I just kept begging God, “Please don’t let him come yet.  It’s not time.”

I was so scared for our little boy that I didn’t even want to think about my birthday.  We went to the hospital and the nurse hooked me to the monitors and reassured me that I was not going into labor.  I was still having some contractions, but she told me to stop counting them (I’d been told by another nurse to count how many I had in a hour) and just try to relax.  I can’t tell you how much relief this gave us.  I just felt like I’d been given freedom.  It was so stressful to have to constantly be worrying and counting contractions.

It turned out to be a very sweet birthday by the end of the day.  Michael’s mom even fixed us a romantic dinner for two, and then we all played my favorite game (Ticket to Ride) afterwards.

Week 29

After the hospital issues, I started going to the dr. every two weeks, and my fetal fibronectin test has come back negative every time!  This is SUCH good news.  I also haven’t had more than a dozen contractions in a day (usually much less), and this is completely normal.  After the first two weeks, my doctor has let me be up and around some more.  I still have to work from home, but I can go to church on Sunday and Wednesday and I can help cook dinner sometimes and things like that.

I think it was around this time that I started feeling Josiah hiccup.  Michael is actually the one who figured out what he was doing.  It is the strangest thing.  He gets hiccups multiple times a day.  There was even a time that he would get them every night when I got up to go to the bathroom.  I think it startled him when I sat up suddenly.  It was cute, but I wished he’d save it for the morning instead of the middle of the night.  : )

Week 31

Week 32

Week 33 (current)

It’s crazy how much I’ve grown in the last few weeks.  I measure my waist and weight every week, and this past week I’d grown 3/4 of an inch and almost 2 lbs!

We went back to the ultrasound specialist on Wednesday, and everything looks great!  His intestines are the color they should be, and he’s strong and healthy.  At our appointment six weeks ago, he was measuring in the 60% range for size.  This time, he was more in the 47% range, so it looks like he’ll be an average size baby.  He has been breach the entire pregnancy (which is no shock to me since I am constantly feeling little feet kicking my bladder like they’re trying to kick a soccer ball!) so we’re hoping he decides to turn in the next few weeks.  He was turned with his face towards my back, so we couldn’t get any ultrasound pictures.  But we were so thankful to hear that everything looks great!

I can’t believe time has flown like it has!  I will get off even modified bedrest completely in less than three weeks, and he could be here any time between then and 7.5 weeks from now.  CRAZY!

We’re so excited.  Thank you for letting us share this journey with you!!





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10 responses to “Baby Update

  • Meghan

    Congrats on your growing little one. Are you all prepped for baby? I ask because I went into labor a month early! I wish you the best for you and your little one…

  • Sunni

    Hugs to you, friend! I wish I would have known. I have heard of several people finding ‘bright spots’, my best friend being one of them, and it’s always turned out fine.

    Also, I have LOTS of contractions starting very early on with each pregnancy…. and you know when Miss Evangeline arrived. Right on time. 🙂

    Praying for you!!!

    • mselizondo

      Thanks Sunni! We didn’t really broadcast it until we knew everything was ok–with both issues. The bright spot really didn’t worry us because everything kept coming back negative. But the contractions did. Now I remember you saying that with Evie and now with Zoe too… God is taking care of everything! I’ve loved your updates, by the way.

  • RobandKathy Gandy

    Thank you for this update! We’re sorry you all have had kind of a rocky road, but so thankful that mama, daddy and baby are all doing fine. We’re praying that the coming weeks will be enjoyable as you wait for sweet Josiah to arrive. He is a blessed baby and you two are blessed, as well. Love you both! Cute, cute pics!

  • Angie Smith

    You look so cute…wish I could pat the belly…Hope your shower goes great! I’m so thankful all is going well and will keep praying…love you guys!

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