Great Deal Sites — I’m Hooked!

I’ve recently discovered some Baby/Kid Deal Sites, and it’s become a daily ritual to check out the bargains.  A friend recommended one to me on Facebook, and I read this article to find the others.  I’m going to list my favorites and give a little summary of what kind of deals they run.  Click the Site Name and it will take you to the Deal Site.


Baby Steals

  • This site has two deals daily: one at 9 a.m. & another at 9 p.m. MDT (so 10 where I am).
  • They have a Baby section, Kid section, and Scrapbooking section.
  • When the products are gone, they’re gone…but most of the ones I’ve seen have lasted a while.
  • This site has AWESOME shipping!  I’ve been so surprised by how quickly they get your orders out.
  • Speaking of shipping, be sure you check the shipping at the different sites to see if the deal is worth it.  I think this one is around $5-6 for shipping (at least where I’m located).
  • They also have a secret Archive Link HERE where you can browse past Steals that have yet to be sold out.
  • I’ve made two Baby Steals purchases and I’ve been VERY pleased with the prices, service and quality of the products!

Eco Buys

  • This site has one new deal a day.  However, you can also purchase the previous two days’ deals if they aren’t sold out!
  • Being able to purchase more than one day’s deal makes the shipping more worth it.
  • As you can see from the name of the site, all of the products are eco friendly.
  • One of the drawbacks of this site is the delayed shipping: the items won’t even ship for a while after the sale (for example, today’s deal will ship 10-14 days from today).
  • We’ve made one purchase at this site and we’re still waiting for it to come in, but it was a great deal!

Mama Bargains

  • This site is really unique in that it constantly has a deal.  When it’s sold out, it’s replaced by another deal, and so on…
  • Some items go really quickly (I think the fastest I’ve seen is for bras) and some end up being changed out because no one will buy them (they’ve tried to sell these bikes without pedals twice recently, and no one wants them).
  • The way you can see if an item is going quickly is by the little “Mama” icon next to the item.  She moves on a slider from “Lots Left” to “Almost Gone”.
  • I’ve seen quite a few high-end items here including diaper bags, maternity/nursing clothes, kids clothes and toys, etc.
  • I haven’t bought anything here, so I’m not sure what the shipping/customer service is like, but I have enjoyed watching the deals.

Baby Earth’s GaGa Deals

  • This site has the potential to be dangerous!  It’s addictive.
  • They have one site every hour 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. CST.
  • But there’s a catch: Every second, the price drops.  But it could also sell out at any second.
  • So you don’t want to jump on the deal too quickly, but you don’t want to wait too long either.
  • One thing I didn’t realize is that you have to check out before the deal’s hour is up.  One time I put the item in my cart (at a really great price!) and decided to wait to see what the next item would be before checking out.  When I went back to check out, it said the deal was past time and I would have to pay full price if I wanted the item.  Oops.  So I missed out that time.
  • Also, one big draw-back of this site is the shipping!  The cheapest shipping to my house is $6.95.  This may not seem like a lot, but a lot of the time a deal will sell out before it even makes it worth the shipping.  So check Amazon to see what they’re selling it for before you jump on a deal.
  • They also have Open Box, Closeout, and Scratch & Dent, and Seasonal Sales at this site.
  • I made my first purchase at this site yesterday ($1.30 for a gDiaper!)

Those are my favorite Baby/Kid Deal Sites so far.  I’ve scored a few great deals on diapers, a wet bag (for diapers, swimming suits, laundry, etc.), and a fun toy.

One thing to keep in mind with these sites: not every deal is worth it.  And not every deal is a must.  Other than that, HAPPY DEAL SHOPPING!


Q for You: Do you know of any Deal Sites you can pass along to all of us?






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