An Overdue Mother’s Day & Father’s Day Post – By M

I realize that in reading the title of this blog post your probably thinking to yourself, “Why is this weirdo just now putting up a post about Mother’s day and Father’s day?”  Well I have a perfectly good explanation:

1) With how busy we’ve been in the past months it was hard to write blog posts and

2) Now that I am officially a father (for nearly a week to be exact) I definitely have a new appreciation for what it means to be a mom or a dad –not that I didn’t appreciate mine before, but you get what I mean.


Experiencing the miracle of the birth of a new baby is something that can’t be described.  Even in knowing for 9 months that our little one was on the way, it never seemed like the whole thing was real until I heard the first whimpers/cries from our little boy in the surgery room.  I don’t want to go into too much detail here, because Staci and I will be working on a write-up of the whole experience (well maybe not the whole experience) of Josiah’s birthday. But the sense of pride, love and joy that comes from your very own child is something that can only be experienced first hand.

Within these first few days, however I have seen how one’s life completely changes once there is a baby in the mix, and even still, I know that this is only the beginning.  I’m not sure I’ve run consistently on this little sleep ever in my life, I’ve been stretched in ways that I never thought possible, and I’ve experienced more “firsts” in one week than I have in probably an entire year.

With all that said… it is so easy to take our parents for granted.  Ever since being a new born baby, there is so much that goes into raising a child.  Obviously I don’t remember my parents changing my dirty diapers or rocking me to sleep, or putting up with my in-suppressible, blood-curling screams, but now I see just how much work it is to take care of a newborn.  And when it comes to things like money, even when my family had to live on a very tight budget, it always seemed like there was just an endless flow of it no matter how many times my parents said “Money doesn’t grow on trees!”, but now I know money is not always there.  Then there are all the bad attitudes, ungratefulness, and other things that parents have to put up with after all their hard work raising their child.

So even though this is a little bit late… I want to say a BIG “THANK YOU!” to my mom and dad for all that they have done for me, and for all that they have done and will do to be a part of Josiah’s life.  And, of course, I have to say a big thank you to my wife (and, now, baby-momma) for all that she has already done for our baby boy!  From carrying him around for 9 months (including a full month of morning sickness), getting his bedroom ready, researching and ordering cloth diapers, and all that she’s already done for him in his first week, and so much more!


If there’s one thing that I am glad that my parents always instilled in me it’s to never take family for granted.  I have been so blessed to have the incredible family (including my in-laws) that God has given me, and I am so excited to continue on the legacy with our little boy Josiah!




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We've been married since December of 2008, and our son, Josiah, was born in July of 2012. We love spending time with family, running, music, traveling, and reaching out to others as a family. View all posts by mselizondo

One response to “An Overdue Mother’s Day & Father’s Day Post – By M

  • amanda c

    Very well said. Becoming a parent really does change your perspective. I had no idea how much my parents love me until I became a parent myself. I love all the pictues…thank you for sharing. You all are glowing. It is obvious that Josiah will be loved and very spoiled by all :).

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