Make a Difference

These are some charity organizations that are making a huge difference in the world.  We invite you to join them and become a part of something bigger than yourself.  Click on the pictures to visit the various sites.


Compassion International

Through Compassion International, you can provide clothing, food, education, and a future to a child in need.  More than that, however, you can can have a relationship with them through letters, love, and prayers.


International Justice Mission

Through International Justice Mission, you can help free men, women, and children around the world from slavery, sexual exploitation, and other violent oppression.


Casas por Cristo

Through Casas por Cristo, you can participate in (or help others participate in) short term missions to build houses for those in need.  Currently, Casas por Cristo is building houses in Mexico and Guatemala.



Through Charity:Water, you can provide clean water for villages where 4,500 children are dying each day due to dirty water.


The A21 Campaign

Through The A21 Campaign, you can fight injustice–one sex trafficking victim at a time.


TOMS Shoes

Through TOMS Shoes, you can purchase a pair of shoes and, in doing so, give a pair of shoes to a child in need.


There are SO many great organizations out there.  These are just a few we know about and believe in.  We are excited to see how God uses these ministries–and uses us–to make a difference in the world.

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