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Quick Update – By M

It’s hard to believe that we’re already just about a third of the way through with the summer 2012, and it’s been a whirlwind month for sure!  So before things get even crazier with Josiah’s arrival getting closer by the day, I wanted to go ahead and post up a quick update on what’s been going on in the Elizondo world.


– First of all, my Spurs lost, and it breaks my heart to no end.  There’s no reason we shouldn’t have won the series against the Thunder, but oh well… now Lebron’s happy with his ring… boo…

– Activities with the youth since my most recent post: Beach Day, High school mission trip, Movie night, Middle school mission trip, Pool Day and more!

– UM Army, our high school mission trip was awesome!  We went to Gonzales, LA to work for a week.  My group built 2 wheel chair ramps (my first and second ever), one of which we completed within 1 day (including demolition, planning, and building from the ground up).

-Ramp #1: 32′ long

– Ramp #2: 46′ long (Done in a day, with the help of another work group)

– Big House is our Middle school mission trip.  It is much less building intensive and more focused on lawn work/painting/etc.  This year, I didn’t have a work team, but had the privilege of directing programs (i.e. leading all the evening activities).  It was awesome getting to lead worship and plan the fun stuff.  One night we went out to the beach to cool off, have dinner, and do some music.

– It has been loads of fun getting Josiah’s room together!  Maybe you caught my Instagram teaser of a blog that Staci is currently working on of Josiah’s room… that Post will be up very soon!  If you didn’t get to see that picture, check it out: (PS… it’s blurry on purpose)

– I celebrated my first unofficial/official Father’s Day!  Staci got me a magnetic frame that can hang on my office whiteboard for pictures of Josiah.  She also got me a really cool new polo!  I love polos!

– Watched Inception for probably the 10th time at movie night with the students!  Still love it!

– Got our youth intern, Tyler Bell, addicted to LOST!  I love to spread the LOST love! …Oh and when I mean addicted, I mean addicted.  This guy has watched 5 full seasons in 4 weeks and is on the final season already!

– Less than a month till “The Dark Knight Rises” comes out and I can’t flippin wait!!!!

– Josiah will be here so so so soon!  And we’ll get posts up as soon as we can once he gets here so stay tuned for some awesome stuff coming up in the next few weeks!


So what’s been going on in your world at the beginning of summer 2012?!



– M

It’s Been Too Long – By M

I can’t even remember when we wrote our lost blog post, but I can imagine it was probably somewhere back in February about our son, Josiah, who is still healthy, kicking (like a baby ninja), and growing!  There have been so many great things going on for us, and we have stayed so busy that it has been hard to write, but I wanted to give everyone out there a quick update on what’s going on in the world of Michael Elizondo:


– Staci is currently in week 29 of her pregnancy!  It’s so crazy that our baby boy is dues in less than 3 months!  Wow

– We spent Spring Break working in Josiah’s bedroom and it’s been so fun seeing it come together!  We’re so thankful for our parents who have done so much as we prepare for Josiah!  We also thank everyone who has already surprised us with little gifts here and there!

– I have to give props to my mom, mother-in-law, father-in-law, and sister-in-law for all the help they did for us as we got our flower beds done.  I don’t think I’ve moved more dirt and rocks in my life, but it feels rewarding and looks great!

– New Favorite Artist:  Zach Williams

– Staci and I just finished our 4th time watching the Harry Potter Movie Series all the way through… 4th time… does that makes us freaks?  oh well 🙂

– Cant wait til July!  3rd Batman comes out and it will be epic!

– We’re getting our first real neighbor (If you haven’t been tracking along, Staci and I had the awesome opportunity to build our house in a new subdivision.  Our closest right-side neighbors are a lot over and the closest left-side neighbors are 2 lots over, but now we will have an immediate neighbor on our left!)  Which is nice, because the loud part of the construction, if not all the construction should be done by the time Josiah gets here and that’s on his side of the house.  It does throw us off when we look out our back windows and see men walking around in the backyard next to us.

– Our son is coming so soon and we can’t wait!

– I am loving this NBA season.  Although I am still a little bitter about the lock-out (millionaires fighting over money *roll my eyes* is pretty ridiculous in my opinion) I am loving watching my Spurs dominate.  I’m holding out for Championship #5!  Let’s See it in June!

– Staci celebrated her birthday, and although we didn’t get to celebrate the way that we had hoped it was still a special day/weekend!

– Love our new toys, thanks to our Tax return!  New DSLR camera and HD Camcorder!  They’ll be perfect for documenting our little one and all the family events that we’ll be celebrating in the future!  (I know you nay-Sayers who disagree with getting a return, but it works for us, and it’s nice to get a little gift every spring… better than dreading tax day for sure)

– I hope Fox Renews Alcatraz for season 2!  That was a really good show!

– Speaking of good shows and Fox, Touch is absolutely incredible!  go to Hulu and watch now!  Oh and Once Upon a Time on ABC is good too, but Staci likes that more than me 🙂

– We will be parents in less than 3 months!  That is still so unbelievable to me!


We hope that all is well with you, and hope to get some more posts up here regularly.  We know that it will be harder and harder once Josiah gets here, but we want to keep you all in the loop!


Now that you know a little bit more about what’s going on in our world, how are things in your world?



– M

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree – By Us

Yes, you read right!  This post is not just by Michael or just by Staci.  We’re combining our awesome mind powers to bring you this special holiday post of our night of Christmas Decorating.  So, here’s how things are gonna go.  Michael’s typing will be in Italics, and Staci’s will be in Regular font.  Here we go!  (ps… if you couldn’t tell, Michael wrote this first paragraph, but it’s not in Italics)


We actually put up our tree a week before Thanksgiving.  I know, I know…that’s super early.  But it was the only time we’d be able to put it up before we went to San Antonio for Thanksgiving, and we wanted our tree to be the first we put up.  I made Chili Stew (I’ll probably post a recipe sometime.  It’s really yummy!) and we put in “A Charlie Brown Christmas” to watch while we ate. When it was finished, we put on some Christmas music and pulled out the decorations.

“Charlie Brown Christmas” is my favorite Christmas movie.  And chili stew is good!  And Christmas trees are awesome!  And Christmas music is fun!  And my wife is my favorite!!! … So I guess you could say it was a night of AWESOMENESS!!!!!

We bought this little tree our first Christmas right before we got married.  So even though we’ve only been married a little less than two years, this will be our third Christmas together.

Our first ornament of the year is one our friend Kaitlyn made for us before we got married:

Since we got married 5 days before Christmas, we decorated in red, silver, black and white.  We used lots of ornaments and things that we still get to use in our Christmas decorating.  So it’s like a double bonus–decorating for Christmas and thinking about our wedding!

Our wedding was awesome too!
Before the lights and the star:

It was my turn to put the star on this year!

We have a star because we were looking for a tree topper (angel or star) and all the angels were way creepy looking!  So we decided to go with this star!  I like it… it doesn’t stare at my soul.


Here’s the finished product:

We made those stockings last year.  We searched EVERYWHERE for stockings that we liked and couldn’t find any.  We finally found these at Hobby Lobby, but they both had huge bows on them (like mine).  So I took the bow off of Michael’s, and added a snowman.  I love them now!

Isn’t my wife so creative and cute?!    …. By the way that’s a pretty good-lookin’ tree if I say so myself!

I’d delete that, but he said I can’t change what he wrote…And speaking of my husband, Santa came to help!

And I have no clue what he’s doing here…

What do you mean you don’t know what I was doing?  I was protecting us from the scary ornament stealing elves!!!

We had lots of normal ornaments plus ones that we’ve been given or have bought over the past few years.  Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved looking at all of the ornaments; I love being able to think about where each of them came from.

We bought this one at church a few weeks ago.  It’s from Bethlehem (a company called Bethlehem Art), and it’s made from a real olive tree!

My friend, Jamie, gave us these at work last year.  It’s a pickle!  You’re supposed to hide it and then the kid (or person) who finds it gets an extra gift.  I think we’ll start using it for real after we have kids and they get older.  But for now, it’s a fun ornament.

This is from our vacation to San Antonio last summer:

And this is from our Disney Vacation last year:

My Meme gave me this one.  I can’t remember if she made them or if they’re Granny’s or who’s…but I like it!

I could go on and on about every ornament, but I won’t…

whew… that was a close one!  🙂


We also put other decorations around the living room.  This is under the tree:

On the bar (but now it has another Christmas plate on it too):

My Meme painted these a long time ago.  They’ve always been at her house, and I’ve loved them since I was a little bitty girl.  Well, last year Michael and I were helping Meme and Pawpaw decorate for Christmas and she gave these to me!  I was SO excited!  Now they’re beside our tree:

In the shelves under the TV:

My dad bought me the little Nativity Scene before we got married.  It’s made out of clay, and it folds up into a present!

On either side of the TV:

I’m so thankful that Michael is such a great husband and helps me with all of this!  It was so much fun being able to decorate everything together.

Christmas is my very favorite time of year.

Me too!

I just love the weather (it was 30 degrees this morning, by the way!  Woo-hoo!!  It was about time it stopped being in the 80s!), time with family and friends, decorating, music, and everything about it.  And I can’t forget the true reason for Christmas: Jesus.  Could there be a better holiday?!



–Staci AND Michael


Q for you:  Have you put up your tree yet?  Do you have any special Christmas tree decorating traditions?  What is your favorite ornament?


A Tour: LR and BR

Now that all of our boxes are emptied and we have (almost) all of our decorations on the walls, I decided that it’s time to start giving a tour of our new little apartment.  But before I do, let me say that we’re loving our new place!  It’s my first apartment ever, and it’s a ton better than I was expecting.  We can never hear our neighbors, the second floor on the end is perfect because we don’t have anyone above us, and we get a “semi-private stairwell”, and I love having the work-out facility and things.

And now, without further ado, I present our Living Room and Master Bedroom.


Living Room:


From the dining room facing the main part of the LR:

Those are our new couches, by the way.  We bought them before we left Ada, and we’re really happy with them!

The entry-way/door:

From the door, facing in (we LOVE the bay windows!):

And some of my favorite details:

All of our books!  I absolutely love reading, and I don’t think I could ever switch to an electronic book (I’ve tried)–I just LOVE having actual books.  I also like our Bride and Groom Mickey and Minnie.  My parents brought them back to us from Disneyland the summer before we got married.

Our pictures/drawing above our couch.  I am SUCH a picture person (I just transferred 800+ from my camera to the computer today) and I love having pictures all over the house.  The drawing in the center was a gift from one of my friends from work (at my old job).  He asked for a picture of us, and a few weeks later THIS was waiting on my desk.


This is in the hall-way between the living room and our guest bathroom:

I love the fact that I can look at each of these crosses and remember who gave it to us and/or when/where we got it.  Some were wedding gifts, the one at the top was from my co-workers as a going-away gift, the wooden one is from an olive tree in Bethlehem (we bought it at church), some are from friends over the years, some from Pine Cove families, and some are from when I was in high school or college.


Master Bedroom:


The view from the door:

From the bed/shelf unit towards the door:

My Paw-Paw made me the shelf to go on top of my dorm desk, and it’s one of my favorite things about the room.  I painted it and a dresser a few years ago.  The chest/dresser is one of the things we bought at IKEA.  It fits all of Michael’s stuff perfectly, and I still have a drawer left over for my “junk drawer” (since we got rid of our extra desk).

This is the view from the bathroom area looking towards the window:

The other wall has my dresser (the one that matches the shelf), the door to the bathroom, and the door to the closet.  For some reason I didn’t get a picture.  This is the closest thing I have:

Some of my favorite things:

Some of our family-friends gave this to us as a wedding gift.  It was SUCH a unique gift, and it fits perfectly in our room:

I painted the picture on the left.  It has a Bible verse that means a lot to us painted on it.  The picture in the middle was a random poster from camp.  The right-hand frame is very special to me because it’s from my director’s wife and my assistant director from when I was in The Forge leadership training program.

This is the first time that we’ve hung my bridal portrait.  We took forever to get it framed, and then we never got around to hanging it in our other house.  The roses are my bouquet from our wedding, and Michael’s boutonniere is in the bottom of the vase.



And that’s a little view of our new home.  I’ll post more as we finish those rooms.





What are some of your favorite little things in your house?


Fall Decorations

I know this post is REALLY late, but I took these pictures a while back and never had a chance to post them.  And seeing as we’re going to take down all of these decorations tonight so we can be ready to put up Christmas decorations later on…  But I guess it’s better late than never!

We put some pumpkins and gourds from The Pumpkin Patch on our front porch.  The one on the far left is some sort of weird pumpkin breed.  The one that’s turning green is a mix between a pumpkin and a gourd (we didn’t know that at first), the blueish one is called a fairytale pumpkin, and the gourds in the basket are called winged gourds (there are pumpkins in there too).  Aren’t you glad I know so much about pumpkins now?!

This basket of gourds and pumpkins is under the bar:

These are on the bar (above the pumpkin/gourd basket):

The only other place I decorated (inside the house) was the entertainment center area.  This vase is beside it:

On top (with our Animal Kingdom Lodge giraffes, which I LOVE):

The other side of the top:

And I added just a few leaves in one of the entertainment center shelves.  (Sorry for the blown-out/fuzzy picture.)

All of the decorations (well, besides the pumpkins) came from Hobby Lobby, by the way.  I LOVE that place!!

And lastly, this is our back porch with more pumpkins from the Pumpkin Patch:

This is the first year I’ve decorated for fall, and I’m so glad I did!  I hope to decorate even more next year.  It’s so crazy to think that we’ll be putting up our tree and Christmas decorations soon.  Fall has just flown by.





Q for You:  Did/do you decorate for Fall?  Any fun ideas?