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Vacation Recap Day 7: Six Flags!

We were REALLY excited about Wednesday because it was the day we were going to Six Flags Fiesta Texas!  I think the park opened up at 10:00, and we headed out there a little early so that we could buy our tickets and be in line before it opened.

Michael’s mom went with us, but his dad couldn’t get out of some meetings.

Woo-Hoo!  We were there!!  I’ve only ever been to Six Flags Over Texas (in Dallas), so it was so strange to me that SF Fiesta Texas was in this big rock hole thing-y (again, geology was my worst class…).  It was really pretty, though!

I was so amazed when I learned (years ago) that there really were six flags that have been flown over Texas.

Check out these crowds!  I was hoping it wasn’t a bad sign of how busy the park was going to be all day.

And where were the Cast Members to make the line more fun?  Oh wait, it’s not Disney…

My smart husband decided that we should head to the back of the park first since most people will be going to the rides at the front.  So that was the plan!  We made a joke about them not having a Rope Drop Show like Disney World, and headed in with the masses.

I don’t know why, but this picture CRACKED ME UP every time we passed it!  It reminded me of Tommy Boy when his toupee flies off his head.  We had to stop the movie because I was laughing so hard at that part and I missed the next scene!

I was happy to see that the characters were clean at Fiesta Texas.  At SF Over Texas, they were SO dirty.  And on that note,  SFFT was a lot cleaner and nicer all-around than SFOT was.

The theming was really good too!  It’s so hard not to compare things to Disney World, but aside from Disney, I was impressed.

My friend Heather had texted me and told me we had to ride this, and it ended up being our first ride!

It was nuts!  Good, but crazy.  We could tell it was not going to be a roller-coaster day, though, because we were already feeling woozy after one!  (Side Story:  Last summer we went to SFOT and in less than 5 hours we were so sick that I was laying on a bench and Michael was sitting with his head back.  We were planning on staying all day and we left before 6:00.  We just couldn’t handle the ‘coasters, which is weird because when each of us were younger we could ride them over and over and never get sick!  We felt like such old people…)  Here’s a pic from after the ride:

We’ve decided to buy this:

Next up:  Scooby Doo!  Michael’s mom doesn’t ride roller-coasters (and apparently we shouldn’t) so we decided to take it a little easier for a while.

So scary!

It was like Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin at WDW, but whenever you shot the different things, something would pop up or change.  It was lots of fun!  I was beating Michael for a long time, but then our car got stuck in a part where all of the targets were on his side.

We decided to go on the Scream while we waited for the ferris wheel to open.  We got split up and I ended up riding with the cutest little boy and his mom.  We screamed a ton, but it was a blast!  Michael had a great ride too!  So I guess we can handle dropping, just not the flipping.

The ferris wheel was finally open in the boardwalk area.  It was a nice, relaxing ride.

Next up:  The Carrousel

We decided to try another ‘coaster and went for Michael’s favorite:  Superman!

The floor drops out before you start the ride (but it still connects on the bottom instead of your feet dangling down and it connecting from the top like the Batman at SFOT).

It was a really crazy roller-coaster, and I could see myself loving it a few years ago, but I did NOT feel good when we got off.  We agreed that it was our last ‘coaster of the day.  We felt like wimps, but oh well!

We went to the car for a picnic lunch (one thing SFOT has that SFFT doesn’t is a really nice picnic area) and a chance to cool off in the air conditioning.  Lunch was great!  I’m usually not a cold sandwich person, but it hit the spot that day.  We also had really fresh fruit, Gatorades, and chips.  Yum!

After our lunch break, we decided to ride the train.

And then it was time for White Water Bay!  At SFFT, the water park is just a part of the theme park, so one ticket works for both.

After changing into our suits and paying a million dollars for a locker, we were ready for our first attraction:  The lazy river!  We forgot to take our camera, but it was a nice, relaxing ride around the park.

Michael’s mom isn’t big on thrill rides, and she’d never tried a big family tube ride.  But we’d been telling her all week that it wasn’t scary at all, and she was ready to give one a try!

I’m not sure how long the wait was, but it seems like it went by pretty fast.  Before long, we were in our tube and Michael’s mom was screaming her head off!  I’m pretty sure at least one “Help me, Jesus!” could be heard all the way at the bottom of the slide.  Michael and I were laughing so hard we could hardly breathe!  She was still screaming when we made it to the bottom, but as soon as we got out she said, “That was fun!  We should do it again!”

She had to leave for a meeting a little later, so we decided to try out the wave pool.

We waited and waited.  Then the most annoying sound I’ve ever heard started buzzing over the speakers.  I think it was what usually buzzes really quickly before the waves come, but it was broken.  It kept on buzzing for over 10 minutes, and still nothing happened.  The lifeguards were all making hand signals to each other, and we were pretty sure they were going to make everyone get out, so we decided to beat the crowd.  His mom had to leave for her meeting, and then she was going to come back for the fireworks.

After we said bye to her, Michael and I headed for some more slides!

There was one where you went up and then decided if you wanted to go on a covered slide or an open one.  The open one had a shorter line, so we chose it.  It wasn’t anything too thrilling, but it was fun!

The racing slides were next.  We had a BLAST with these!  The line was pretty much non-existent so we rode again.  Michael beat me every time, but I had a faster start time.

We went over to the kiddie splash area with a huge tree house, and Michael arrived just in time to get soaked with the big cowboy hat tipping over (there was no way I was going in that…).

We went up into the tree house, and I couldn’t get over horrible ropes.  How do kids climb on those things barefoot?!  There were tunnels and climbing things and places to dump water on people.  Michael said they used to have a lot more interactive things and two slides, but those were closed.

When we were finished with the tree house (and could barely walk because of the ropes),we went to get in line for the big 4 person tornado thing.  Since we just had two people in our party, we had to wait at the side for someone else who was either a single rider or two people.  We waited for a few minutes and a mom came up with her two boys.  She had a really worried look on her face and told the lifeguard that her older son wanted to ride, but he didn’t have anyone to ride with.  We told her that he could come with us, and she was SO relieved.  The other little boy was way too little, and you could tell she was really hesitant about the older one riding with strangers.  I think it helped that we were a normal looking couple instead of some crazy teenage boys.  I couldn’t believe how brave the boy was!  He was seven and not afraid of anything.  We talked with him while we waited, and when we got to the bottom (it was a great ride, by the way!), his mom was taking pictures of us all.  I’m so glad we were able to ride with him!

After that, we went back to the two-person slides.  The covered one was a BLAST!  It was way better than I was expecting!  It turned out to be my favorite ride in the park.  We also made friends in each of the lines, and it helped to pass the time.  In this line, we started talking with the mom and boy that I rode the Scream with earlier, and we got on the subject of Walt Disney World.  I started telling her about how we rented vacation club points and stayed at a deluxe resort for less than you can stay at a Best Western, and she was shocked.  I love telling people about money saving tips at Disney, so the time passed super fast.  When we got to the bottom of the slides, I got her email address so I could send her some more info, and we headed off to our final attraction:  another loop on the Lazy River.

We’d done everything we wanted to do in the water park–and some things more than once!   We had SOO much fun!  We decided that from now on, since we obviously can’t handle the roller-coaster thing, we’ll choose water parks over theme parks (besides Disney!).  White Water Bay was definitely the highlight of our day.

We decided to get dinner at a barbeque place by WWB.  It was actually really good!  It cost a fortune, but at least it was better than the day old Papa John’s pizza from Six Flags last year!

On our way to our next attraction, we saw this Wiggles area.  I just HAD to take a picture because when my sister was little, she absolutely LOVED the Wiggles!  Since my brother and I were 7 and 10 years older than her, our favorite thing about the Wiggles was making fun of them.  Yet, we still use some quotes from them regularly…”No more tickling, Greg.  No more tickling.”  Our whole family had all of the songs memorized.  So this is for you, Em!

Our next (and final) attraction?  Scooby Doo!  We’d had a lot of fun in there earlier, and there was no way we were getting on another roller-coaster, so we decided to give Scooby another try.  The theming in there was really cute, by the way.  They had profiles on each of the characters, and it looked like something out of the movie.

When we finished attacking the ghosts and villians, we decided to pop a squat and sit on the ground outside the ride.  We were there for about 30 minutes and it was really relaxing!

One of the highlights of our last trip was getting ice cream, so we decided to get some Cold Stone again!

It was yummy!  Our cones were a little stale, but the ice cream was great.

Michael’s mom texted us to tell us she was pulling in to the parking lot, so we went to the front to meet her.  We saw this random vintage sign for laxatives on the way:

There was nothing else we wanted to do, so we went and got a spot for the fireworks.  I love their set-up for the fireworks/lasers.  Everyone sits on this big grassy area and they project the lasers onto the rock.  The show was great!  It was about Texas history, and it was definitely the best Six Flags fireworks/night show I’ve seen.

We were all three really impressed!  When it was over we made our way back to the front of the park.  The front section was supposed to look like a Mexican market/village, and it was all lit up.

It had been a wonderful day!  While we were tired, we weren’t worn out–probably since we stayed away from most of the big ‘coasters.  We’d had SO much fun, and the only thing that could have made it better was if Michael’s dad could have made it too.